White Sands

Monday, July 10th, 2017


There’s only word that comes to mind when I think back to this experience…MAJESTIC. I knew that visiting White Sands would be a magical site to see, but I truly had no idea just how impacted I would be from seeing these sand dunes nearly meet the clouds. It’s experiences such as these that prove the beauty of His creation. I don’t even think I can adequately explain how much wanderlust we experienced in our short time at White Sands…in fact I know I can’t…I’ve already typed, erased and retyped my thoughts 20 times. I’m beginning to think this is just another one of those life experiences that you keep near and dear to your heart. There’s no doubt about it, this is definitely one of those things that everyone needs to see at some point in their life. Again, this just affirms that America has so much beauty in it’s backyard…there are so many rare beuties to see right here. I was telling my niece Rae about the sand dunes and sharing photos. She said “Aunt Candy, do you think you can take me there one day?” Of course I nearly started crying (I’m the overly emotional Read), so it looks like Uncle J and Aunt Candy are taking Rae out west at some point in time. We already have New York City on the books for her 12th birthday, so we will have to figure out how to get West Texas penciled in.

In planning my look for White Sands, I wasn’t 100% sure on what I wanted to wear. With this being the last stop of our trip, I was pretty much over packing by the time I reached day five in my outfit planning. It was not until I arrived in Dallas on that Tuesday evening that I found this adorable dress from Target. We ventured back to Taylor’s place and I just could not stop thinking about this darn dress…I had fashion imprinted…ha. With bare feet, Taylor whipped me over to Target with just a few minutes to spare before closing and I got the dress. And boy am I glad I did. I seriously can’t imgine wearing anything else for our stop at White Sands. I really feel strongly that my dress (and Taylor’s) beautifully complimented the scenary of the dunes. For a little touch of statement, I added this Janessa Leone hat (borrowed from Taylor) and my oversized sunnies by Celine. Those two accessories pulled out the detailing in the sleeves very nicely, if you ask me.

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