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Wednesday, October 12th, 2016

Beach Bag Swag | Live Love and Read Beach Bag Swag | Live Love and Read Beach Bag Swag | Live Love and Read Beach Bag Swag | Live Love and Read Beach Bag Swag | Live Love and Read Beach Bag Swag | Live Love and Read Beach Bag Swag | Live Love and Read Beach Bag Swag | Live Love and ReadBeach Bag Swag | Live Love and Read Beach Bag Swag | Live Love and ReadALL IMAGES ROOSEVELT GROUP

I can’t believe that our FIRST Read family vacation has come and gone! We planned for a little over a year and now it is over. Being the freakish planner that I am, I’m already looking forward to planning our next adventure. If you guys have any location ideas, feel free to send them over! Recommendations are always good.

So, let’s talk beach bag swag! Having both a functional and stylish beach bag is kind of a priority when planning a beach vacation. However, finding a beach bag (or I guess I should say, bags) can sometimes prove to be a bit challenging. I often find the super cute ones and love them. But when it comes to the practical things, they typically fail me. haha. Stylish, but so not functional.

Knowing that we would have a little bit of a walk (just a couple of houses down), I knew it would be extra important to find some amazing beach bags that allowed us to have all of our essentials while out on the beach. There is nothing more annoying than making 50,000 trips back and forth to the beach because you forgot something! With that in mind, I found myself thinking of previous pieces that I have received from Thirty-One and how much I love both the design and functionality. So, while checking out the Thirty-One website, I stumbled upon a few goods that I knew would be absolutely perfect for our beach vacation: The Utility Tote and a matching Top a Tote and of course, a Picnic Thermal Tote.

What I love most about the Utility Tote is the size and THE AMOUNT OF STUFF you can fit into one of these babies. We were able to comfortably pack a huge beach blanket, beach towels, sun products, eyewear and beach entertainment. And having the top for the tote was just the cherry on top! THE TOP sure is easy to get on and off. As for the Picnic Thermal Tote, it’s a TOTE and not a massive cooler. It really does a lovely job at keeping things cool and it was super easy to transport. While I don’t think I need to mention it, these bags from Thirty-One are amazingly stylish and monogrammed! I love monograms : ) haha.

I know it’s usually around this time of the year when we begin to think about holiday gift ideas! Well, be sure to keep Thirty-One in mind, because gifting both stylish and practicality is definitely appreciated. I can think of quite a few gals who will absolutely love these products for their families. Oh, and the monogram gives it an extra touch!

If you want to learn more about Thirty-One gifts, scoot on over to their website. And also, read this previous post HERE from the Live Love and Read archives!

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