Truthful Wednesdays: Beautifully Disguised {aka Linen Closet Organization}

Wednesday, September 7th, 2016

Linen Closet Organization | Live Love and Read

Linen Closet Organization | Live Love and Read

Linen Closet Organization | Live Love and Read

Linen Closet Organization | Live Love and Read

Linen Closet Organization | Live Love and Read

Linen Closet Organization | Live Love and Read

Linen Closet Organization | Live Love and Read ALL IMAGES ROOSEVELT GROUP

This Friday marks two months Jason and I having been living in our new space. While I would love to say that everything is perfectly done…it’s not. In fact, we have yet to mount our headboard. Our gallery wall is perfectly organized but still laying on the floor in the living room. Oh, and all of our curtains are too short for our new windows. hahaha. This is real life people.

I know I say that we are busy 24/7, but we have been especially busy since making the full-time transition to Columbus. However, about three weeks ago the lack of “organization” was starting to drive me a little crazy. I may or may not have cried for 5 minutes. While moving is fun and super duper exciting, I hate that season of having to reacclimate to where everything is in your house. One of the spaces in our new apartment that was driving me most crazy was the open linen closet! Call me crazy, but your linen closets are supposed to have doors…that way you can hide all of that crap! Since doors weren’t an option for me, I knew I would have to get creative and beautifully disguise everything. And what better way to disguise things than with baskets?! Because of both length and shape, I was determined to find the most perfectly shaped baskets for all of my towels, washcloths and dinner napkins. The Your Way Recantangle Basket from Thirty-One was a perfect fit, shape and color. At 7.5”H x 14”L x 9”D I was able to fit three of these babies on the lower tier of our linen closet.

I’ve received a number of different things from Thirty-One over the last couple of years through my sister-in-law, Jamie (she’s a Thirty-One Consultant) and have loved the functionality of everything. However, until recently, I had never actually checked out the Thirty-One website for myself. As an organizational freak, I was excited to discover the endless options they have to accommodate home organization. I have a few more areas in our apartment that need a little disguising lovin’ and I’m fairly certain I’ll be ordering a handful more of these baskets!

When you take a look around the Thirty-One website, you may notice that there’s only one way to order and that is through a Thirty-One sales consultant. Don’t know one? No worries, via the online portal, Thirty-One will instantaneously connect you with one based on your preferences and location. It’s super easy! And if you know a Thirty-One Consultant (I do!), you can simply type her name in the online jot form and you’ll be connected with her for your order. I know this process is a little different than what we are “used” to, but don’t allow that to discourage ya! Thirty-One has done a pretty awesome job at making it simple, seamless and easy as 1-2-3. Also, the products are great!

We are headed down to Charleston for family vacation in just two short weeks and I am Thirty-One prepared with my new totes and such. Cannot wait to show you guys more…so stay tuned!

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This post is kindly brought to you by Thirty-One . All thoughts and opinions remain my own. 

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