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Shopbop Wanderlust

Wednesday, October 28th, 2015

Shopbop Wanderlust | Live  Love and Read

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Just two weeks ago, Shopbop hosted their Family and Friends event! I was too busy shopping for airline tickets via Southwest, so I never made it over to Shopbop’s website, which probably makes my husband happy. I just realized that I literally have NO MORE ROOM LEFT IN MY CLOSET. None. A few of my things have made there way over to his side of the closet…#notgood. Any who, despite the lack of space, I decided to pop over to Shopbop‘s website this past weekend and look around! Naturally, I found a couple of things that I absolutely love and need. Dearest Santa Claus, can you please put $1 million in my stocking this year so I can buy out Shopbop? Ok, thanks!

Have you guys made your Christmas list yet? If so, what are a couple of must haves you are hoping to find under the tree this year?