New Year’s Eve Wardrobe Ideas

New Year’s Eve Imagery: The Sparkly Skirt!

Thursday, December 19th, 2013

Since the holidays are upon us…I’m skipping “Get The Look Thursday” just for today! I’ve been super busy shopping, wrapping and decorating for Christmas. Also, it is just too cold outside to even think about doing a blog shoot. Any who, don’t worry I’ll be back in full action next Thursday. I’m sharing my look from a few holiday parties…so get excited : ) But in the meantime, I figured that I could share some New Year’s Eve Wardrobe Imagery! I’m hosting (along with a few other gals) a NYE party, which means that I ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO HAVE AN AWESOME OUTFIT. lol. So this morning while doing my usual online window shopping, I discovered this little beauty and I think it just may be the skirt I’ve been dying to find for the last two years! PLUS, it’s currently 50% off from Express.

Express Sparkly Skirt

Now that I’ve found the perfect skirt, it is time to start thinking of how I will style it! Here’s some imagery that I’ve gathered from Pinterest!

Sparkly Skirt Imagery 

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