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The Best Bloopers of 2014

Wednesday, December 31st, 2014

Y’all, today is the last day of 2014? It feels just like yesterday that we were ringing in the New Year for 2014. Before you know it, we’ll be saying this again about 2015. I’ve come to the personal conclusion that time really does fly! lol lol.

Instead of doing the normal, “Year In Review” post, I thought I would spice it up with a little humor, by sharing the best bloopers of 2014 from this year’s shooting adventures. As I’ve told you guys, Kimberly and I have become really great friends and I think it shows in our work. It’s organic, unplanned and fun. So much fun, that I typically just talk and act ridiculous during our sessions and she manages to capture amazing photos that continually take my breath away. In addition to capturing amazing photos, she also captures photos of me acting silly. With all that being said, here’s a look at “The Best Bloopers of 2014!”


The Best Bloopers of 2014 | Live Love and Read

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YAY for Change!

Wednesday, October 22nd, 2014

 YAY for Change | Live Love & Read | Style Blog

Welp, what do you think of the new site? I sure hope that you love it as much as I do. Just to give you a little background information, I’ve been working feverishly since March on rebranding Live Love and Read. From new business cards to obtaining a business license, you name it and I’ve probably done it. Now that I can speak from experience, rebranding is like having a baby! For MONTHS you are cultivating/implementing ideas in hopes of finally giving birth for the entire world to see. While I am thankful for this experience, I am sure glad it is over. But before I close this chapter of Live Love and Read and move onto the next, I would like to thank some pretty amazing peeps who’ve been of tremendous help throughout this process.

Jason: Any man who puts up with a fashion obsessed woman deserves 5 REALLY BIG gold stars. Not only does my sweet husband support me, but he also has been super involved in making my blogger dream come true. He’s my editor, financial adviser, sounding board and sooooo much more! All in all, he’s a ROCKSTAR.

Lacey: Having an honest, non-subjective voice in rebranding is KEY. Lacey of A Lacey Perspective Consulting has been an incredible resource for me. Lacey has provided me with her honesty, knowledge and encouragement. She’s truly an expert in the bloggersphere and I could not have done this without her guidance. So thank you Lacey! You are my blogging fairy godmother!

Bryan: Behind every awesome blog website, there is an awesome graphic designer. Bryan Minear is seriously one of the most talented individuals I know. Not only is he an artist, but an incredibly tech savvy and resourceful individual. Oh yes, I should mention that he is also a photographer (he shot our wedding) and is Kimberly’s brother!  So, naturally I have mad love for this kid!

Sarah: Having beautiful penmanship is something that most girls dream of! Sadly, that wasn’t an artistic ability God gave me, but He did send me a talented friend who has become my go-to calligraphist. When it was time for a new logo, I immediately called Sarah Rowan of Callie Anna Chalk Shoppe and she got things in motion. She’s an artist that aims for perfection and will never provide you with ANYTHING less than that.

Kimberly: We all have that one person in our life who’s amazingly kind, patient and willing to help you do any and EVERYTHING. For me that person is Kimberly Jones (aka my blog photographer). I still cannot believe that we have only known each other for 10 months! Our working relationship has evolved into a beautiful friendship.

Katelyn, Keisha, Jamie and Vanessa: To my sweet friends who have listened to me complain, whine and complain some more, I appreciate your unwavering support and positive affirmations along the way. I seriously couldn’t have made it to the finish line without you. I’m beyond thankful to call each of you my friend!

Again, I hope you LOVE the new site. I am beyond ecstatic to start this new journey with you all…like seriously excited. YAY for change.

xoxoxo, CR


“Sometimes the smallest step in the right direction ends up being the biggest step of your life. Tiptoe if you must, but take the step.”


IMAGE:  Kimberly J Photography

Get The Look Thursdays: Kimberly’s Birthday Surprise!

Thursday, August 21st, 2014

I absolutely love surprises.  I love receiving them as much as I love giving them to others! So naturally, when I received a phone call from Bradley (Kimberly’s husband) about a birthday ambush, I said YES!  And to Bradley’s credit…he had all of the details planned and simply needed my help in performing a few simple tasks, consisting of lots of trickery!  But trickery is fun, especially when the “surprisee” (I just made up that word) is completely oblivious.  When I say Kimberly had no clue…she had NO CLUE!  Any who, Kimberly and I met at TJ Maxx on Monday, as I had told her it would be fun for us to shoot me shopping!  Little did she know that we would be shopping for her!  Although we scored lots of awesome goodies, here’s a look at one of her personal favs from our shopping/style sesh.

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One Year

Monday, June 9th, 2014

It’s hard to believe that’s been 365 days since Jason and I got hitched! As corny as it sounds, it really does feel like it was just yesterday. This year has been exciting. I’ve learned sooo much about myself, Jason, and what marriage TRULY means. And for those of you who are curious to know my thoughts on marriage…well, it’s simply (not so simple) dying to yourself everyday. There is no longer an “I,” but a WE at all times. Some days it’s a rather simple “WE” and on other days it’s fight because that dang human flesh is sooooo selfish. But as you allow your love to deepen for one another, you soon realize it’s not so hard to say no to the selfish ways of the human heart.

Sooo….here’s to ONE YEAR of sweet, beautiful marriage to my darling love! I do hope you guys enjoy these pictures because I’M ABSOLUTELY OBSESSED. Big thank you to Kimberly J. Photography and Callie Anna Chalk Shoppe & Wedding Design Boutique for making this dream session a reality! Also, these photos are so wondtacular, I will not be commentating as I normally do. I felt that it took away from the imagery!

One Year  

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Peace Love &Tulle!

Friday, March 28th, 2014

I’m pretty sure that you guys remember my #GTLT post “Sweet Somethings,” featuring the beautiful, nude, tulle skirt! Well, if you don’t, take a peek HERE! But for those of you who do remember, I am excited to share that Kristina, the owner of Peace Love & Tulle, has featured a few of my photos from that blog post on her website! Words cannot express how excited I was when I received an e-mail from her asking if it was ok for her to use them! Of course I said YES : ) So when you have a moment be sure to checkout her home page (HERE) and product page (HERE).

Oh yes, Kristina is running a special on her tulle puffs! BUY 2 GET 1 FREE. The special ends today. No code needed! So don’t tarry. Get your happy little booty on over to www.peaceloveandtulle.bigcartel.com and order your self some puffs : ) Also, be sure to follow her on Instagram @peacelovetulle!

And lastly, Kim and I did another blog shoot in the tulle skirt last Friday! The photos are absolutely stunning. Here’s a sneak peek just for YOU : )

IMG_1813 IMG_1859

More pictures to come this Thursday! Stay tuned.
Photography and Editing by Kimberly J. Photography

Get The Look Thursdays: Dry Land

Friday, March 28th, 2014

Although I consider myself a city girl, there is something quite amazing about the country. It’s calming, quiet and absolutely beautiful. After receiving an invitation from my dear friend, Kelly Kramer to come out to her farm to take pictures, I jumped on the opportunity and began outfit planning. Knowing there would be an immense amount of dry land from the harsh winter, I thought it would be kinda cool to do a country-esque safari look. A little khaki, hunter green and camel brown of course. Also, I’ve been dying to style my new boots for a blog shoot and this felt like the perfect atmosphere. Ok, enough of my jibber jabber. Enjoy a little “Dry Land” courtesy of the Kramer farm and Kimberly’s excellent picture taking skills.

Dry Land


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Get The Look Thursdays: Simple M-47

Thursday, March 13th, 2014

The weather here in West Virginia is beginning to shape up! The sun is shining a little brighter and everyone has an extra pep in their step. It’s awesome!!!  I’m pretty sure (myself include) that everybody was giving up on the idea of Spring. This winter has been beyond nasty. Uggghh.

With the weather being so wonderful, I figured it was high time that I shared a more casual look with you guys. And I don’t what else screams causal like a cream colored v-neck, boyfriend jeans and ankle booties.

Simple M-47

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Get The Look Thursdays: Winter Sun

Thursday, March 6th, 2014


Let’s just have a moment of honesty here…standing outside and having your picture taken in below freezing weather isn’t exactly the easiest thing I’ve ever done. In fact, the first time Kimberly and I took blog pictures together, we nearly froze to death. Frozen hands and chattering teeth…not cool Robert Frost (I love Kid President!).

For this particular shoot it was pretty cold outside and I decided at the last minute warmth was a “little” more important than fashion. So I changed my entire outfit. Also, I should mention this was the same day Kimberly and I locked her keys in the car while out on location. Thank God for Triple AAA. Minus those little details, we had a great shoot! I was very warm (and happy) thanks to my lamb’s wool jacket. Ok, so without further delay here is… Winter Sun.

Winter Sun 

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A Girl’s Dream: My Vanity

Tuesday, March 4th, 2014

I’ve always dreamt of having a bathroom with lots of counter space so I could create a wicked awesome vanity! Welp, that dream came true when I moved to Parkersburg, WV. In Jason and my master bathroom we managed to get a ridiculous amount of counter space that has now been glamorized by your’s truly. Oh yes, I was generous enough to give Jason a tiny bit of space for his clippers and tooth brush, but the rest is…ALL MINE. haha. For those of you who know me personally, you know I’m bit of a freak when it comes to organization and storage. Everything has a home. After it has been used IT MUST return to that exact spot or I’ll have a mild anxiety attack (but HEY that’s how you preserve things…lol.). While that level of organization can be a little exhausting at times, I’m so thankful that I have such a great system. It makes life sooo much easier when I’m in a hurry for a meeting, packing for a trip and all that jazz. So due to popular demand, here’s an inside look at my vanity.

My Vanity


Yes, that is a 3 tier serving dish that I converted into an earring holder! Double win…functionality and beauty.

IMG_7532 IMG_7541

A simple acrylic soap dish I found while shopping at TJ Maxx. 

IMG_7531Thank you Grasie Mercedes for this wonderful bracelet holder idea! Candles. You know the cheap ones with pictures of Mary and Jesus? Who would have ever thought they are the perfect size for bracelets. 

IMG_7535 IMG_7526

IMG_7538Because every room needs a touch of personalization…or you could just say that I’m obsessed with monograms. I’m southern. I cannot help it. It’s an issue. 



Absolutely love this little station! The serving tray is from Target. I also got the gold mirrored bathroom coordinates from Target and I simply spray painted the mason jar that is now a makeup brush holder.


One for soap and the other for hand lotion. From Target. 

IMG_7546 IMG_7547Looking for a makeup storage solution? If so, Birchboxes! The size is perfect and they fit in most bathroom drawers. Also, what I love most about this storage concept is the fact that it’s portable. I can simply put the lid on these boxes and throw them in my duffle bag. It’s pretty amazing. 

IMG_7551 IMG_7553

Birchboxes are also wonderful for hair accessories and misc. beauty samples storage. 


And that’s my vanity! If you have any questions on any of the products you see or my storage ideas, please drop a comment below! Would love to help ya : )

Get The Storage Details: 

  • Juxtaposed Boutique 3 Tier Serving Tray- earrings
  • Arthur Court Coat Hooks – necklaces
  • TJ Maxx Acrylic Soap Dish – rings
  • Target Serving Tray – perfume and product station
  • Target Gold Mirrored Bathroom Coordinates
  • Bainbridge Pharmacy Metal “R”
  • Mason Jar – makeup brush holder
  • Birchboxes – makeup and hair accessories storage
  • Photography and Editing by Kimberly J. Photography