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Get The Look Thursdays: Flower Child

Friday, June 20th, 2014

Playing with new trends is a love/hate relationship for me! Sometimes I really LOVE it and there are other times that I really hate it. Well, I particularly hate all trends involving pants, because I have the longest legs known to mankind and the shortest torso ever. So naturally, pant shopping is problematic and when you throw a couple extra variables into the mix, it makes the process even more cumbersome. Ugh. Earlier this year I made a “Fashion Goals List” and one of the goals included pants exploration. And as PAINFUL as it has been, I am proud to say that I’m pushing thru. So far, I have successfully purchased and worn various prints and pant shapes this year! My most recent pant adventure concluded with a pair of high waisted, bell-bottom jeans from American Eagle aka the Hi-Rise Artist Jeans. And since bell-bottom anything screams 70s, I felt that “Flower Child” was an appropriate title for this week’s #GTLT.

Flower Child 

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