Skincare 101: A Parisian Approach w/ Clarins

Monday, January 16th, 2017


When it comes to skincare, there is no denying that the FRENCH know best. They are practically geniuses when it comes to all things beauty. Just take a moment and think about your favorite French gal. Yup, she has perfectly hydrated and glowing skin. Ahh.

If you follow me on Snapchat, you already know that I am a self-professed product junkie. I LOVE testing beauty products and try new things weekly, if not nightly. In an attempt to declutter my life and free up some space in my bathroom, I am trying something new this year…less frequent product rotation. Rather than spending countless hours trying new things 24/7, I have decided I am going to be a bit more strategic about what I decide to try and then commit to those products. Yes, you heard me, COMMIT.

As I said, when it comes to skincare, the French kill it. With that in mind, I was pretty excited to get my hands on Clarins, a French beauty brand, Hydra-Essential Serum and Silky Cream. Generally speaking, I have pretty combination skin. However, in the winter, my skin defintely gets drier than usual…which means extra hydration and protection is without a doubt needed. I typically am just a moisturzer kinda gal, but when I paired the Clarins Hydra-Essentiel Serum with the Clarins Hydra-Essentiel Silky Cream, I soon realized that the serum was a game changer. Do not get me wrong, I have used serums and hydrators before; however, I’ve always used them inconsistently and not paired with a comparable cream. Much like the silky cream, this serum is infused with extracts of a succulent plant that helps your skin’s ability to retain moisturizer, despite the changes in the weather, air pollutants and all that other stuff. You know that moment when you realize you’ve discovered something special? Welp, that’s basically how I felt when I tried this combo together. The smell, the quality, the feel of the products…ALL AMAZE.

I’ll definitely be sticking with these two for the rest of the winter season! A hydration game changer!

Interested in giving these babies a whirl prior to committing? Scoot on over to either Nordstrom and/or Sephora and they will allow you to sample them. Or if you are an online shopper, you can request samples via Clarins website for FREE.

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This post is kindly brought to you by Clarins USA. All thoughts and opinions remain my own. 

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