Rainy Wednesday

Wednesday, February 22nd, 2017


I know, I know. Why am I wearing a chunky sweater and blanket scarf? Well, it’s because I captured these photos in January! So yes, I’ve had these images for awhile now! However, with our bipolar weather, it is highly likely that we’ll be wearing sweaters and scarfs at some point before Spring officially comes! In fact, it’s going to be 40 something degrees next week. Sigh.

Any who, with Spring en route, we will welcome yet another glorious element from Mother Nature and that is RAIN! I’m not sure if you looked at the forecast, but there is a decent amount of rain on it’s way. For me, that means I’ll be living in my Hunter Boots! I already live in them, but that will increase times 10 now that we’ll be having Spring showers.

When it comes to achieving quality style for rainy days, I’m a firm believer that it’s all about the accessories. The way you accessorize is what gives your look a little extra character. For this specific look, I completed it with a blanket scarf from Old Navy (that’s currently on sale) and this wool fedora that I got a year ago from GLAM 356! Don’t worry, these pieces do have function. To be completely honest, I hate carrying an umbrella. Wearing a hat allows me to not carry one! As for the scarf, I am typically cold on rainy days, so wearing a blanket scarf (that can double as a shawl), allows me to keep myself warm without wearing a bulky jacket. Oh and lastly, rather than carrying a large handbag, I prefer to carry something a bit smaller that allows ease and efficiency of navigating the rainy day! With that in mind, I opted for the ever faithful Madewell transport crossbody!

What are some of your must have pieces for rainy day style?

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  1. I totally love how you cheered up a rainy day with that gorgeous yellow sweater. It looks amazing on you! And the scarf looks so cozy too. This is totally perfect for the dreary weather that spring tends to bring right along with all the sunshine!

    Stephanie // SheSawStyle.com

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