Perfectly Wrapped: 2 of 2

Tuesday, April 11th, 2017


Y’all. I’m BACK! I’ve been a pretty terrible blogger lately. I never thought it would be a problem to have TOO MUCH content. Welp, I was wrong. Having too much content to select from is just as overwhelming as not having enough. Needless to say, I’ve learned my lesson. Sometimes things in life ARE NOT broken and we try to fix them anyways. Basically, I need to keep my same system that I’ve utilized for the last 2 years. It works! Ok, enough of my personal problems.

Back in mid-March, I showcased this beautiful wrap sweater from Crane & Lion and I promised a Part II that would show how I would style it in more of an “everyday manner.” Welp, here she is. I’ve always had a love affair with cardigans, but this particular one has quickly become my go-to. I really love how easily this piece transitions from casual to dressy in 2.5 seconds…it all depends on how you style it. In my experience as a stylist, I feel that people tend to be a bit apprehensive to invest more in layering pieces, such as a cardigan. I know, sometimes its hard to wrap our head around spending more on something that we “occasionally” wear. However, I’ve learned that those are pieces you actually want to invest more in. They last a million times longer than the cheap $20 piece you may snag from Old Navy. Additionally, it is typically made of quality fabric, which contributes to it’s longevity. And lastly, you’ll be able to notice that it warrants frequent re-wears. To put it simply, every gal needs a quality sweater. And I feel confident in saying that this one from Crane & Lion was made for YOU! Oh, and guess what? She’s still ON SALE. Yes, you need it.

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