Perfectly Wrapped: 1 of 2

Monday, March 13th, 2017


There’s one thing that I never leave home without and that’s either a sweater or scarf. Being cold natured, I know it is highly likely that I will find myself freezing at some point. Heck, I find myself freezing at home. To put it simply, sweaters and scarves are my go-to’s for warmth! I wish you could see the collection of sweaters and scarves I have…it’s kinda sad how intense it is!

One of my goals for 2017 has been to purge a bit more consistently, which has without a doubt proven to be a challenge. Rather than holding onto things that I have 5 million off, I’ve made it a goal to purge and find something that replaces those things in a much more efficient manner. When it comes to my sweater and scarf problem, I have most definitely found a suitable and proper replacement. Say hello to the Wrap Sweater by Crane and Lion. By far the most incredible thing I’ve ever discovered. In fact, it has practically been on heavy repeat since I recieved it in the mail. It’s my go-to piece for layering my athleisure looks, traveling (she’s already been on 4 flights)  and elevating simple day time looks. Because I thoroughly believe in showing you guys variety, I’ll be back later this week showing you how I’ve styled this exact same piece but in an “everyday manner.” There’s something incredibly satisfying about purchasing pieces that are multi-functional! Oh, I failed to mention how incredibly soft this piece is and that it comes in a handful of colors {gimme all da colors}. I’m already thinking that I may need another one for Spring in a lighter color. But hold on, Spring may never come at this point. We are expecting snow later this week…blah!

Stay tuned for Part 2! In the meantime, check out Crane and Lion! The brand celebrates the active woman by enusuring that she looks chic and sophisticated, even while working out.

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