The Most Perfect Graduation Gift

Thursday, May 25th, 2017


It’s hard to believe it’s been nearly 10 years since I graduated from High School. I am currently planning my class reunion, which will be happening in just a few short weeks! Eeeek. There’s no doubt about it, graduating from High School was an incredibly fun part of life and for so many reasons! I was young, carefree (to an extent) and just plain ole excited to enter the next phase of my life. I would venture to say that’s how most high school graduates feel. haha.

One of the things I vividly remember from my Senior year was the INSANE AMOUNT of graduation gifts I received. As you may have guessed, down South, we don’t play about gift giving. In fact, we take it pretty seriously! There are three specific occasions that a Southerner can expect to receive a ton of gifts and that’s high school graduation, their wedding and baby showers. It’s just a part of our culture! I feel confident in saying that I probably received close to 200 gifts. And yes, I made it a priority to send a hand written thank you for each and every one of those gifts.

While I love each and every one of those gifts, I really LOVE the ones that still add value to my life in some way. My weekend luggage set from Reeve’s Linen and Gifts would be one of those gifts. Every time I use them, which is pretty regularly, I find myself thinking about the different folks who contributed in gifting me these pieces. To put it simply, those gifts have a tendency to be extra special to me. With that in mind and now being an adult, I frequently remind myself to gift intentionally. Rather than purchasing some that’s temporarily trendy or specific to the giftee’s age, I try to think beyond that. What is something that they will want or use 10 years from now? 

For this year’s round of graduation gifts, I am feeling particularly proud, as I found this lovely Ohio Map that is foil-stamped! Every high school graduate needs decor for their dorm room. What’s so great about this piece from Minted, is that it allowed me to make the gift personal and unique for each of the gals I needed to gift this graduation season. With Ohio being their home state, naturally this piece of art will hold a special place in their heart, as it is their native state and the state they will be staying in for their University pursuits.  In addition to finding a piece of art that would resonate with each of them, I was able to customize and tailor the frame section to their personal taste! I’m feeling pretty confident that both Mikayla and Claire are both going to love these! Let’s just hope they don’t see this post before their graduation parties. 

If you are still looking for the most perfect graduation gift, I encourage you to scoot over to Minted! Their graduation gift selection has a wide variety of customizable art pieces, as well as personalized stationary and leather accessories. I’m currently brainstorming on what to get Jason’s Senior clients. I’m feeling 150% positive we will be getting them some personalized stationary from Minted! 

Get The Gift: 

This post is kindly brought to you by Minted. All thoughts and opinions remain my own. 

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  1. This is definitely a great gift option, so cute!
    Girl…I’m with you, I’ve been out for 10 years now too and wow, does time fly!
    xo, Lily |

  2. Wait this is such a great idea! I have a Texas foil print from them, but have never thought about gifting for graduation. Will definitely need to remember this!

  3. adriana

    These pictures are seriously the cutest! I LOVE Minted too, they make the best prints and this is definitely the best graduation present ever! I love it so much!

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