Vintage, Whimsical and Everything in Between: My Session with Anna Kinchen Photography

Wednesday, July 3rd, 2013

It isn’t everyday that a bride gets to work with the photographer of her dreams! Luckily, I was blessed enough to have that opportunity.  I have known Anna Kinchen for quite sometime. To be completely honest I was intrigued by her beauty, spectacular makeup application and hobo yet chic’ preppy style. I mean seriously…isn’t she beautiful?? 310153_820595942387_66670116_n

But to make a long story short, Anna began her journey in photography at the age of 15 which led her to Savannah School of Art and Design where she obtained a degree in photography. Naturally, one can see that Anna has a great passion for photography, however what sets her apart from the others is her impeccable attention to detail and ever evolving creativity.  She aims to capture and tell a different story through her lenses for each and every client. One could call it “photography creativity exclusivity” (and yes, I made up that phrase)! So I share all of this to say…if you are looking for a photographer who likes vintage, whimsical and everything in between..then Anna Kinchen is your girl! She is amazingly friendly, creative and organized (she just got a new studio space that is BANGING!).  Here’s a little sneak peak from my bridal session with her at Pebble Hill Planation in Thomasville, GA:

01 Anna Kinchen Photography 02 Anna Kinchen Photography 03 Anna Kinchen Photography 04 Anna Kinchen Photography 05 Anna Kinchen Photography 06 Anna Kinchen Photography 07 Anna Kinchen Photography 09 Anna Kinchen Photography 10 Anna Kinchen Photography 11 Anna Kinchen Photography 12 Anna Kinchen Photography 13 Anna Kinchen Photography 14 Anna Kinchen Photography 16 Anna Kinchen Photography 17 Anna Kinchen Photography 18 Anna Kinchen Photography 19 Anna Kinchen Photography

Aren’t they wonderful?! To see some of Anna’s inspiration for this session check out her Pinterest board HERE. Also, feel free to snoop around to see some of her other wondtacular work! 

Fashion and Session Details:

Dress: Vocelles Bridal

Florals: Flowers by Cooper

Jewelry: Godwin Jewelers and Alex & Ani

Location: Pebble Hill Planation

Props: Anna Kinchen Photography

Click, Click, Flash: A Guide To Great Wedding Photography

Friday, June 21st, 2013

As I am sure you have heard one of the most important details in wedding planing is photography! Jason and I were no exception to that notion. After all you only get this opportunity once in life (although our society says otherwise)! About a day after Jason proposed, I began the hunt of shopping around for wedding photographers.  Considering that I love getting my picture taken as well as weddings, I already had a list of photographers in mind. However, I found it very interesting as to how difficult it was to choose.  All of the photographers offered such different styles, price points and packages. Any who, I share all of that to say that I ended up working with 3 different photographers during Jason and I’s engagement and I could not be happier with that decision.  For our initial engagement session we worked with the lovely Tarashton Photography of Valdosta, Georgia. Tara is a photographer who has a niche for natural light and all things vintage! She is great at making the session fun and effortless!  For my bridal session I had the opportunity to work with the amazingly talented Anna Kinchen of Anna Kinchen Photography. Words cannot even explain how much I adore the photos from my session with her.  Let me put it this way…the photos are magazine worthy. And lastly, we worked with Bryan Minear Photography of Detroit, Michigan for our formal engagement session and the wedding.  We have absolutely loved working with him. With Bryan you get a great balance of natural light photography along with some abstract lighting concepts.

Tarashton Photography 



Anna Kinchen Photography

10 Anna Kinchen Photography 13 Anna Kinchen Photography 18 Anna Kinchen Photography

Bryan Minear Photography

IMG_0928 IMG_1031 as Smart Object-11008874_599940743494_1951182313_o 1015538_529774877070642_390546017_o

So as you can see we had a great deal of variety! In hopes of simplifying your wedding photography process here are a couple of things to keep in mind while shopping around and a list of great wedding photographers.

Wedding Photography Tips:

1. Know your budget! If you find a photographer you love, but they aren’t in your price point…just keep it moving! No need to even begin the process of dreaming on how to make it work. Weddings are expensive enough. Save yourself the extra burden.

2. Know what type of products you would like post wedding! Often times having a little list of products you desire will help you select a package that is best for you!

3. Imagery.  Be willing to do a some Pinterest research and find images that you would like to have captured during your special day.  This will help the photographer tremendously!

4. Photo Call.  Besides the traditional wedding photos, having a photo call sheet will help the photographer to also capture other images you may desire with special friends and family.  Be sure to give a copy of this list to your wedding coordinator and hostesses as they can help the photographer pin point people.

5. Be Open! Remember that the photographer is the expert in this department. Be open to their artistry and expertise.

6. Pay It Forward.  Often times the photographer can be one of your most expensive vendors. To ensure that they are taken care of as well as to alleviate some of your stress, I highly suggest that you pay in installments once you have secured their services. Writing a check for $3000 all at one time can be daunting especially with all of the last minute wedding expenses that you incur the week before.

Guide to Great Wedding Photographers: 

 Anna K Photography

Anna Kinchen Photography

Anna Mills Photography 

Brandon Bartee Photography

Bryan Minear Photography 

Cyn Kain Photography 

Katelyn James Photography 

Tarashton Photography 

The Red Fly Studio

Welp, that’s all folks! Hope you have found something a little helpful 🙂  Oh yes, stay tuned next week as I will be blogging about my experience in working with Anna Kinchen Photography and sharing lots of photos!!!

Back to Life…

Tuesday, June 18th, 2013

Hello Lovas (in my Carrie Bradshaw voice), I’m back!!! The last couple of weeks have been pretty insane, but awesome! I am now a married lady living in good ole West Virginia for a couple of months with my sweet husband. Our wedding was spectacular. No worries details to come very soon. In the meantime here is a little photo sneak peek courtesy of Bryan Minear.


I am really excited about this new life chapter and have lots of things in the works!!! Just so you are in the know about everything here is what you can except from Live, Love and Read this summer:

1. New blog URL! See Above.  It was time to put on my big girl panties and commit to being a consistent blogger for my awesome READers.

2. Wedding blogs galore! For the remainder of June and part of July I will be giving you the skinny on the #HowardReadwedding (checkout this hashtag on Instagram). You name it, I’ll be covering it. Bridal fashion, photography, organization and much more.

3. Revamping  During my time away I had a lot of time to brainstorm about my brand and what I want to offer to the World. Welp, I have finally figured it out.  I must admit…it’s going to be awesome.  Using lots of new images from my sessions with Anna Kinchen Photography and Bryan Minear Photography.

And that’s about it! Thank you for  your continued patience with me. It truly means more than you know! Yay for blogging! Ha.



Life Update from West Virginia!

Thursday, May 23rd, 2013

Hey There Peeps!
I know I’ve been MIA for the last week or so but things are CRAZY busy! The wedding is only 15 days away. So as one could imagine..I’m a tad overwhelmed. Lol. But because I love you all dearly, I wanted to provide a little life update…just last Thursday I completed my first year of graduate school as well as my internship at New York City Ballet! On Friday I packed up my things and the following day headed down to West Virginia to spend some Q.T. with my sweet man, finalize last minute wedding details and decorate our home! It’s been very chaotic, but I couldn’t be happier 🙂 On Sunday I’ll be head down to good ole Georgia to spend time with my family and prepare for the big day! I promise to to keep you all as updated as possible, but no promises as I foresee lots of curve balls taking place over the next two weeks! Not cool Robert Frost (Thank you Kid President for that
I hope everything is GRAND in your World and yay for new life chapters!
Candace (soon-to-be Read)