Get The Look Thursdays: Punchy Red Pants and The Fringe..

Thursday, December 12th, 2013

If you know me then you already know I have a deep passion for all things bright and bold! According to my mom I’v always been that way, which I find pretty cool. LOL. Anywho, I found these wonderful punchy red crop pants from H&M last fall (along with a burgundy and black pair that I have already featured on the blog) and I’ve hardly even worn them! So while randomly rummaging through my closet I decided it was time to whip these babies out and style them : ) 

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Christmas Giveaway #1: Callie Anna Chalk Shoppe and Wedding Design Boutique

Wednesday, December 11th, 2013

Upon moving to West Virginia last May…one of my biggest fears was not to be surrounded by the arts! For most of my life I dreamt of living in the Big Apple and  being surrounded by every art form imaginable! Well, in the short 6 months that I have lived here,  I have quickly discovered that I am well surrounded by a variety of artists! Musicians, photographers, interior designers and even a chalk artist!

My dear friend, Sarah Rowan, recently married and moved to Parkersburg, also. Our husbands work in the same field and attend the same church…which is how we met! After hanging out a few times, I soon learned that Sarah had an amazingly unique gift…chalk art! With the opportunity of new beginnings (marriage, relocating, etc.), Sarah has decided to pursue her passion full-time by creating Callie Anna: Chalk Shoppe and Wedding Design BoutiqueIt is Sarah’s goal to restore “the appearance of art with beautifully crafted fonts and carefully placed embellishments” for household items, advertisements and much more! So in support and celebration of Sarah’s new venture, I am hosting a little giveaway. Below you will find three very beautiful Christmas pieces that Sarah has created for Callie Anna and one of YOU lucky readers will be adding one  of these pieces to your Christmas decor!! Keep reading for entry details…

IMG_6452 IMG_6453 IMG_6454 IMG_6458 IMG_6459 IMG_6461

Photo Credit: Katelyn A. Read

TO ENTER GIVEAWAY go to Callie Anna’s journal page and click “FOLLOW” on the righthand side of the page. Then leave a comment below letting me know that you have followed Callie Anna’s journal and which piece you would like to have! The winner will be announced Sunday December 15th. So let the games begin…and may the odds forever be in your favor!!! haha. Thanks for participating and have a wondtacular Wednesday : )

P.S. Be sure to check out Callie Anna’s Etsy shop! Lots of awesome things to see and buy! Happy shopping : )

The Best Gift Guide Yet!

Tuesday, December 10th, 2013

For the past two weeks I’ve been debating whether I should post a Christmas gift guide or not. Almost every blogger in America is posting one (or multiple ones), which made me feel that I ABSOLUTELY NEEDED TO CREATE ONE! But if you know me, then you already know how seriously I take gift giving. I really enjoy taking the time to think and be creative in my purchasing, to ensure the gift is something the person will ABSOLUTELY LOVE. I share all of that to say…I’m not down with generic gift giving, which is what a gift guide promotes. So for this year, I think that the award for the “Best Gift Guide Yet!” goes to Kid President! His suggestions are sincere and completely realistic. Check it out : )

And speaking of gifts…make sure you stop by tomorrow, as I will be hosting CHRISTMAS GIVEAWAYS every week for the next three weeks! This week’s giveaway is from Callie Anna: Chalk Shoppe and Wedding Design Boutique! Get excited : )

Sasha and Malia Obama Looking Fashionable to Receive the Annual White House Christmas Tree!

Tuesday, December 3rd, 2013

While most people are excited about the actual 18.5 foot Douglas fir tree the White House received this past Friday, I was a bit more excited to see what the Obama girls would be wearing. And per the usual…they looked pretty darn cute! 





Michelle-Obama-Welcomes-White-House-Christmas-TreeImage Source: Chip Somedvilla via Getty Images

Putting all “political preferences” aside…who’s outfit do you like most? Sasha’s or Malia’s? Post your comments below because I am dying to know : )