NYE Glam w/ Birchbox LOC

Tuesday, December 29th, 2015

NYE Glam w/ Birchbox LOC | Live Love and Read

NYE Glam w/ Birchbox LOC | Live Love and Read

NYE Glam w/ Birchbox LOC | Live Love and Read

NYE Glam w/ Birchbox LOC | Live Love and Read

NYE Glam w/ Birchbox LOC | Live Love and ReadALL IMAGES  Kimberly J Photography

As many of you already know, I’m a huge lipstick lover! I truly believe that lipstick has the power to give your look that little bit of “umph” that it needs to be truly spectacular. Last year around this time, I wrote a post about NYE’s lipstick inspiration {see HERE} and I wanted to continue this little tradition, since I will not be purchasing something brand spanking new for New Year’s Eve. My reason for not buying is two-fold. 1. I have a crap ton of clothes. In fact, I spent most of yesterday cleaning out my cloest! 2. Jason and I don’t really do anything very special that requires a “brand new” outfit. We usually grab dinner and head back home for the evening! Yes, you can call us lameos. But when you don’t drink and everyone else in America does, there is basically no point! haha. In 2017, I’m hoping to start a new tradition by hosting a fancy smancy New Year’s Dinner Party at our place! There will be lots and lots of yummy mocktails present!

Any who, since I’ll be repurposing existing pieces from my wardrobe to create a holiday appropriate look, I’ll soley be relying on lipstick to give my look the little bit of spice that it needs! Just a few months ago, Birchbox announced the debut of its cosmetics line, LOC {aka Love of Color}. The line currently includes a variety of matte lipsticks and eyeshadow sticks. I received the LOC Ultimate Collection back in early November {courtsey of  Birchbox} and I knew just by the detail of the package that I would be obsessed with these products! Inside of the Ultimate Collection, there are three matte lipstick colors, all of which would be perfect for NYE, depending on what type of look you are planning! The shade that I am leaning towards for our NYE dinner date is Glam Life {Image #3}. It’s seriously amazing, but I guess it would be smart to acutally pick out my outfit prior to committing to a shade. LOL.

What are you doing for NYE? I sure hope it includes a touch of glam from the Birchbox LOC collection! I feel confident in saying that if you ordered today, you could receive these beauties by Thursday! Or you could just swing by Birchbox Soho if you live in NYC : )

Get The Look: 

 Thank you Birchbox for the awesome makeup goodies! 

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