GQ Style {Part 1}

Friday, January 22nd, 2016

GQ {Part 1} | Live Love and Read

GQ {Part 1} | Live Love and Read

GQ {Part 1} | Live Love and Read

GQ {Part 1} | Live Love and Read

GQ {Part 1} | Live Love and Read

GQ {Part 1} | Live Love and Read

GQ {Part 1} | Live Love and Read

GQ {Part 1} | Live Love and ReadALL IMAGES ROOSEVELT GROUP

For quite some time now, I’ve been asked by many to showcase my take on menswear, plus size wear and career wear here on the blog! Welp, I’m excited to say that I’ve finally tackled one of those categories…MENSWEAR! While down South for Maggie’s wedding, I got to spend some much needed time with my Uncle Kenneth (but you should know that I really call him Uncle Kit-Kat). Naturally, one of the things we discussed was the blog and by the end of the conversation he had volunteered to be a model and subject for Live Love and Read. Cosidering how handsome he is (it’s those darn Howard genes), I totally took him up on the offer. Before the evening was over, we had successfully styled two looks and selected two locations!

One of the things that I love most about men’s fashion is the simplicity! Unlike women, a man literally has a closet full of basic pieces and staple pieces and they simply interchange them in various ways to recreate the same look or a new look! I’ve concluded that a man’s wardrobe is the epitome of a true capsule collection (something I will be discussing more on Monday). Any who, for Part 1 of the GQ Seires, Uncle Kit-Kat and I wanted to showcase a great sports coat outfit idea! Having a killer sports coat for a man is the equivalent of having a killer black dress for woman…it’s essential! As many of you know, I really love mixin’ and matchin’ both colors and textures. While hanging out in my Uncle’s closet, my eye kept returning to a wool check coat. I used the coat as the foundation piece of the entire look. From there, I layered the look with a blackish navy pair of pants to pull out the hues of blue in the jacket. In hopes of not making the look too busy, since my Uncle is pretty classic with his style, I balanced the top by simply selecting a black crew neck (gah I love black, brown and navy together). And for final touches, I wanted to be sure that I properly color balanced, so we went for a brown shoe, which I think works perfectly! Oh, and no sports coat outfit is complete unless you have a pair of ridiculously amazing aviators!

For Part 2 of the GQ Series, we’ll be talking men’s sweaters and boots! Stay tuned.

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  1. Amna Handley

    Love be the concept! Uncle Kit Kat is looking Great!!! Our household could definitely use your expertise!!!!

    Best of luck on your venture!

  2. Reggie Jackson

    Amazing post! The information was accurate and very true. A guys closet in itself can be a living thing. Mixing and matching the right pieces can not only make the man but also make the man noticed. Looking forward to the sweaters post (as I am the king of sweaters and vests) it will be interesting! #howardgenes

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