GiGi New York Uber Clutch + Winter Sale

Thursday, February 9th, 2017

If you have been a part of the Live Love and Read tribe for some time now, then you already know to what degree I encourage my readers to make intentional, well-thought out purchases. While we live in a society that encourages “BUY NOW,” I have learned that you are much better off shopping with intent. Hardly ever do I make a purchase without thinking about how it will benefit my wardrobe from a long term perspective. One of the pieces that I thought long and hard on before making a move was the GiGi New York Uber Clutch.

I fell madly in love with the Uber Clutch after spotting it during a random evening Pinterest binge session nearly 3 years ago. After nearly nine months of debating (please don’t take that long to decide on this clutch…silly me), Jason got me the clutch for my birthday present. As you can tell, this pretty has a pretty great life and gets used regularly. Without question, this clutch is my go-to for nearly all dress up occassions and even some more casual ones. When it comes to multi-use and practicality, this clutch deserves a major A+. While some may consider it to be a bit on the pricey side, I am here to confirm that it is well worth the cost. Also, you can get it personalized…HELLO MONOGRAM LOVERS.

At this point you may be wondering what the heck I’m getting at…ok, just hold onto your pants and your wallet…because this clutch is MAJORLY ON SALE in select colors. Like half the price on sale! Each year GiGi New York hosts an Annual Winter Sale and the Uber Clutch made this week’s roundup, along with leather accessories. Another clutch favorite that is on sale this week is the Chelsea Crossbody (the light blue bag featured up above), which doubles as a clutch. Again, select colors are majorly on sale! So, basically I’m telling you that you should run over to GiGi New York and get yourself some clutch pretties before it’s too late! Also, at these prices, you really can’t say NO! ha.

Oh, if the fact that they are on sale did not movtivate you enough, I am happy to share that you can get a lovely little business card case FREE with your purchase for the next 24 hours, if you use code: LIVELOVEREAD. Basically, this situation is a win all the way around. So yeah, scoot on over to GiGi and get busy shopping! As I said before, this is one of those purchases that you’ll value for years to come : )

P.S. I’ve rounded up a few of my sale favorites down below!

Get The Sale:

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