Get The Look Thursdays: Bold Lips & the Drew Berrymore Sweater

Thursday, November 7th, 2013

Sooooo just in case you guys have not noticed, my most favorite fall pieces are the Live a Little military jacket and my Express cheetah print infinity scarf that I have featured a couple of times on Get The Look Thursdays! Not a week goes by were I DO NOT wear these two pieces at least twice…I just love them!  But because I wear these pieces pretty often, I am always looking for new ways to style them…that way they look completely different than the last time, which can be tricky. Especially when I am going on day #67 of “NO PERSONAL SHOPPING!” Anywho, I have given myself a new challenge….learning how to make the most of my closet with what I have! Sounds a lot easier said than done, right? However, in actuality, it really is quite easy. It simply takes a bit more creativity on my end.

Bold Lips & the Drew Berrymore Sweater 


IMG_4967 IMG_4968


Don’t you just love the color of this sweater? 

IMG_4973 IMG_4975


Thank you Birchbox for sending me this great lipstick color…it is EVERYTHING!





My dear friend, Francesca, from Italy is in town visiting Jason and I. So excited that she could tag along and see how a “READ” blog shoot goes down! 

For this lovely little look, I already knew that I wanted to conclude the ensemble with the military jacket and the infinity scarf. So I began building the look with the mustard yellow Banana Republic sweater aka the Drew Barrymore sweater. I call it the Drew Barrymore sweater because this past February while working the Annual Luncheon at New York City Ballet, Drew Barrymore said the following to me “Oh, I love the color of your sweater! Where did you get it?” Yes, I almost died and yes, I love this sweater a 1,000 times more since she complimented me. LOL. $69 well spent if you ask me (Jason doesn’t think so…)! After deciding to wear the sweater, I then decided to pair it with these awesome crop pants I purchased from H&M for $10. Super basic pants that every girl needs in her closet. From there I added the BCBG t-straps as it gives the ensemble a nice balance of classic yet edgy. And lastly, accessories…I decided to keep it simple with a black clutch, bronze pearls, an MK watch and two statement rings, because I wanted to complete the look with a little BOLD LIP action. AND YES, LIPSTICK IS AN ACCESSORY!

So, when you are looking to make the MOST of your closet and/or style your most favorite seasonal pieces differently than usual, simply consider wearing the clothing items you rarely wear. For me…I hardly ever wear the Drew Berrymore sweater or the H&M crop pants. But after giving myself a little additional time to be creative, I found a new and exciting way to wear them both!! I just love those moments when you have a FASHION EPIPHANY!

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