A Few of My Favorite Things: Vol. 2

Friday, July 21st, 2017


It’s definitely been a long time coming, but I’m excited to be back with Vol 2 of A Few of My Favorite Things! If you want the LONG STORY as to why I started this new series on the blog, I encourage you to shoot over to the inaugural post HERE. But here’s the reader’s digest version, just in case…I simply wanted to create an opportunity for my readers to experience products/brands that I have grown to love, hence the creation of A Few of My Favorite Things. Me talking about all the products I love is indeed great, however, if it isn’t accessible to you…then I’ve missed the mark! In my quest to be an “influencer for the people”, I want to give back and this segment allows me to do just that!

So, for Vol. 2, I wanted to shine the spotlight on a few standout brands that have become regulars in my beauty/wardrobe routine and they are TULA, Pro Rituals, Marilyn Brush and Sel Rosé.

I. TULA: As I apporach my 30s, consistent TLC to my skin has been a pretty high priority lately. Just ask my husband. In fact, I’ve been on a skincare kick for nearly 3 years now. And honestly, I should not call it a “kick” but a lifestyle. During the beginning of my journey to healthier skin, I was using a large variety of products…like a lot of products from 5 million different brands. Additionally, I was on some prescription medication for hyper-pigmentation. To put it simply, I was doing the most and breaking out a ton. One day when complaining to Jason, he said “You are probably using too many different products.” Blah. I hate when he’s right about girl things.  On the quest to simplify my regimen, I learned about TULA earlier this year and it has been a game changer ever since. What’s unique about this brand is that the products contain healthy elements, such as probiotics and other superfoods to help you achieve forever youthful and healthy looking skin. Basically, TULA is the Whole Foods of skincare and that’s saying a LOT! Not only do the products smell lovely (a fresh and clean scent), but they are amazingly creamy and moisturizing. To date, about 85% of my skincare regimen consists of TULA products…from mask, to daily cleanser, eye cream, day and night moisturizer, etc. It’s seriously a fantastic product that YOU need to TRY!

II. PRO RITUALS: I sure do love a good blowout, but the truth of the matter is…I don’t always have time to get one. Or I can’t always spend $40 on one. With that in mind, I’ve had to learn how to give myself a good blowout for those moments when I need  perfectly straight and luminous hair like Beyonce. In my quest to master an at-home blowout, I’ve learned it is all about the product. The Dream Cream by Pro Rituals has become my new best friend. In wearing extensions, it can be a little challenging to make sure that my leave out matches the texture of the extension hair when wearing it straight. However, the Dream Cream has really helped me achieve my desired texture with both my leave out and extensions. In addition to helping with smoothing, this product is a leave-in conditioner styling cream…so it is conditioning my hair is well. Personally, I love it when one product remedies a number of issues. The Dream Cream has done just that. I knew it would condition my hair, but the smoothing effect is definitely an added value!

Also, this product is Paraben FREE, yet another huge bonus. And lastly, it smells absolutely delightful.

P.S. This product will work beautifully on any hair type. As I mentioned above, I have used it on both my natural hair and extension hair!

III. MARILYN BRUSH: Like I said, when it comes to an at-home blowout, it’s all about the products. One of those important products being a brush! I have tried and tried and tried to use a round brush, but it simply is not my strong suit in life. However, since I am usually just blowing my hair straight, I can get away with using a paddle brush. I’ve used a number of paddle brushes in my day, but not one of them compares to the Marilyn Flatter Me Paddle Brush. I love the weight of this brush, how strong the bristles are and that I can get heat decently close to it without it ruining the brush. I am wayyy more of a hair brusher than a comb kinda gal, so having a brush that is durable is of upmost importance to me! This paddle brush is seriously my favorite. I mean, I love it so much that I threw my other two away. And yes, I’m telling you the truth!

IV.  Sel Rosé: I’m a sucker for classic jewelry pieces. For those of you who follow along on Instagram, you may remember me sharing about Sel Rosé, which is a darling french inspired jewelry brand based out of Ohio. Since receiving my two pieces in March from Anna, the owner, I can honestly say that I’ve worn them consistently since. While I do love bigger statement jewerly pieces, I have a greater love for more minimal, timeless pieces that can adapt with your wardrobe over time. And all of the pieces from this brand present the opportunity of mold-ability in your collection, which is KEY for any gal creating a wardrobe that will stand the test of time! One of the newest pieces Anna has created is the “Soleil” gold necklace, which is perfect for everyday wear!

P.S. In addition to having a great line of jewelry, this brand stands behind a great cause too! 20% of the proceeds from purchases goes to A21, an organization that is dedicated to ending human sex trafficking.

And there you have it ladies…A Few of My Favorite Things: Vol 2. For a chance to win ALL OF THESE GOODIES, just see the widget down below! All the entry details are there : )

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This post is kindly brought to you by Sel Rosé, TULA, Pro Rituals and Marilyn Brush. All thoughts and opinions remain my own. 

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