A Few of My Favorite Things: Vol. 1

Friday, March 31st, 2017


Well, hello Friday. To say that this week has gone polar opposite of how I planned it would be, is a complete understatement. Y’all. Being an adult is seriously no joke. Some weeks are tougher than others, but that’s just life. I’m just thankful that its Friday and that I’ll be eating hot wings tonight. hahaha.

One of the things I was most excited about for this week was the launch of “A Few of My Favorite Things,” a new segment that focuses on me sharing about current product favs and also gifting those favorites to one of YOU! Yes, you read correctly. Product reviews and freebies. Perhaps one of my biggest goals in 2017 is to make things even more accessible to my readers and I feel that this new segment will be a great start to bridging that gap. Plus, I LOVE PRODUCTS! If we are connected via Snapchat, then this is no suprise to you. I genuinely enjoy new products and as an influencer, I get the opportunity to do that pretty often. It’s an awesome job perk! But ok, back to YOU! There are THREE BRANDS {and some very specific products} that I’m pretty much head over heals for right now and they are Beautycounter, Harrys and Baublebar!

I. Beautycounter: Sweet Beautycounter. Where do I even start? I was introduced to this brand this past Fall by my friend Lauren Kinnear {she’s a Beautycounter consultant & director} and immediately fell in love with the product. From the minimally chic packaging to the natural scent of the products, it was love at first sight. What attracted me most to this brand is its mission to get safer products into the hands of everyone. While I could explain all of the good things about this brand, I encourage you to scoot over to their site and read for yourself. There’s no doubt, you’ll love it. I’ve yet to find a person who knows of Beautycounter and doesn’t love it. Katelyn and I are obsessed.

While I have a list of Beautycounter products that I love {such as the nourishing eye cream and nourishing cream cleanser }, I am currently obsessed with the the Cleansing Balm and Color Pinch Cream Blusher! There are no words to explain my deep love for the Cleansing Balm. Like, why did I not discover this product sooner. Growing up, I used so much vasline to remove my makeup. It totally got the job done; however, I hate the heavy oily feeling it would leave. To put it simply, the Cleansing Balm is my dream makeup removal product. I get even better results in using this than vaseline. It’s light, hydrating and amazingly fragrant. Oh, and 100% reusable muslin cloth, which is softer and easier on skin than a traditional washcloth. Yaaas.

Secondly, the Color Pinch Cream Blusher. Lately, I’ve been opting for a more natural no-makup look. The Color Pinch Cream Blusher has helped me achieve that perfect natural, dewy glow. My preferred color is Carmel and I even use it on my lips sometimes! All in all it’s a great cream based product that works well with regular foundation, tinted moisturizer or even no base!

II. Harry’s: I don’t admit this to most people, but I HATE shaving my legs. Absolutely hate it. But after using some products that I received from Harry’s, I realized I’ve hated shaving because I haven’t been using the right razor! Yes, I know this brand is “technically” for men. But y’all, this razor gives a great shave and every woman should experience that, considering we shave just as much as men, if not more. Additionally, another perk of this brand’s razor is that they are amazingly affordable and we don’t have to worry about pink tax (you know paying extra becase we are gals and how products are marketed to us…ugh), since it’s a dude’s brand! woot woot.

Harry’s offers two different product sets, The Winston (pictured above) and The Truman. The difference in product sets is the chrome handle vs. the rubberized handle. Each set comes with a foaming shave, 3 blades and travel/storage case for the blade. It’s pretty much the best! Jason doesn’t even shave with a traditional set and he tried to steal my set!

P.S. Oh, I should mention, I typically cut myself pretty badly when shaving. That did not happen ONCE when using the razor from Harry’s. I swear it.

III. BaubleBar: Baublebar. Honestly, I don’t think I even need to explain my love for this brand! You gals know that they are my go-to for all things statement jewelry! I espeically love their statement earrings, but I decided to pick up a few chokers, since that’s such a HOT TREND right now. As of lately, I’ve been wearing the Lariet Choker a lot. I just love the fact that it’s a soft grey color. So different. It adds just the right amount of trendiness to a classic button or white tee. Like I said, it’s definitely a favorite! I also snagged Kenzie Bandana Choker that I’ve yet to wear, as I am saving it for my adventure to Marfa! However, I’ve tried it on and it’s pretty killer too. I can’t wait to style it and showcase it in a full look!

And there you have it folks…A Few of My Favorite Things. For a chance to win ALL OF THESE GOODIES, just see the widget down below! All the entry details are there. Best of LUCK!

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This post is kindly brought to you by Beautycounter, Harry’s & Baublebar. All thoughts and opinions remain my own. 

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