Dress Up, Dress Down

Get The Look Thursdays: Free People Chasing Precious Puppies

Thursday, May 15th, 2014

I love surprises. Especially surprises that involve clothing. Oh, how they make my heart happy : ) Just a few days after hosting the style event with Beauty Clinique Boutique in early April, I was delighted to find this beautiful Free People Aztec Bib dress in my mailbox. Yes, I cried.  Cried in disbelief that someone would gift something this wonderful to me! And not to mention it’s FREE PEOPLE. Ugh, I hate Free People…said NO ONE EVER!!! lol. Once I calmed my emotions a bit, I began the style brainstorm and like a magical puzzle, it came together piece by piece. And then Kim had this wonderful idea to include her sheltie pups. Free People and precious pups? Now, that’s a WHOLE LOT of awesomeness! So, just prepare yourself for photo wonderlust (I probably posted way too many photos, but I just couldn’t contain myself!).


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Get The Look Thursdays: The Cavern

Thursday, May 1st, 2014

I hate that moment when you look in your closet and think “Ugh, I don’t have anything to wear!” Typically, I will have a mini pity party and complain to Jason about not having enough money to buy all of the new things I want (yes, want and not need). Let’s just be honest, money doesn’t grow trees, and for the average person (like me and you) our purchases must be practical, well thought out, and affordable. Any who, back to my story. After an hour of complaining and shedding a few tears, I usually go back to the closet in hopes of finding something that I can recreate and make it look wonderful! Well, the last time this happened was just 3 weeks ago only hours before a photo session with Kim! Panic and anxiety had set in, but thankfully my eyes met with this navy blue Ralph Lauren blazer that I purchased years ago. It was in that moment that I found my wardrobe muse.

The Cavern 

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Spring Trends YOU Oughta Know: Festival Style (aka Lace)

Wednesday, April 23rd, 2014

Lace. Sweet, beautiful lace. To be honest with you, it hasn’t been until recently that I’ve actually felt comfortable wearing lace. I’m not quite sure why I was even hesitant before, because it is absolutely wonderful!

With Spring finally making her debut for the year, we are now in prime festival season! Music festivals that is. And for those of you who don’t know, I am a HUGE LOVER of music. In fact, Jason often comes home and turns off my music, because I will literally having it blasting ALL DAY. I just love noise. Well, I love constructed, meaningful noise. lol. Ok, back to the point…Festival Style. In essence, a music festival is nothing more than a bunch of creative, free spirits celebrating great musicians, while wearing awesome sunglasses, frayed blue jean shorts, ripped t-shirts, crop tops and of course…LACE.

Although lady-like lace has remained a timeless trend, over the last few seasons lace has evolved tremendously. From unique colors to detailed ornamentation and much more! So here’s a little look-see as to how I styled my ideal festival look, utilizing a non-traditional lace concept.

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Spring Trends You Oughta Know: The Seasonal Sweater

Wednesday, April 23rd, 2014

The glorious seasonal sweater. It just makes my heart happy thinking about it! What I ABSOLUTELY love about this trend is that I never have to pack those puppies away post winter! Wahoo. Now, that’s something to be excited about!

Per my experience, the problem that most people have with this trend is the idea of divorcing the words winter and sweater. Although I understand this difficulty, as we are conditioned to associate the two words together, they are not and I repeat ARE NOT, mutually exclusive! And yes, I’m making a relationship analogy for seasons and sweaters. haha.

The KEY to mastering this trend involves two things:

1. Divorcing the words winter and sweater.

2. To not be afraid of mixing and matching textiles.

I am personally convinced that these two tips alone will give you the “little” boost you need to start interchanging seasons in your wardrobe! Ok, ok. I’m done talking! Here’s how I recently incorporated the seasonal sweater concept into my spring wardrobe.

Spring Trends You Oughta Know: Seasonal Sweater

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Spring Trends You Oughta Know: The Athletic Trouser

Monday, April 21st, 2014

Pants. They are getting more colorful and unique by the minute, which I love! For the first time in FOREVER, pants have the ability to be THE STATEMENT for an ensemble. While others are still warming up to the idea of unique pant options, I’ve decided to take this trend by the reigns and OWN IT LIKE A BOSS! haha.

This Spring the pant trend is all about the athletic trouser (one of The Top 10 Trends for Spring 2014 via Naturally, this pant shape is tapered at the ankle (like a genie pant) and has a more relaxed fit and feel. Hence the name…athletic trouser.  Everyone loves athletic wear because it’s sooo stinking comfy. So ideally this pant concept should be a dream come true for most women! Fashion meets comfort! YES!

As you already know, my personal style is all about taking trends and making them my own! For this particular look, I utilized the athletic trouser concept, but changed it up a bit.   I have super tiny ankles and the fabric was just swimming around them. So I decided to push up the pant legs and it totally worked!

Spring Trends You Oughta Know: The Athletic Trouser

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Spring Trends You Oughta Know: KEY PIECES

Friday, April 18th, 2014

Trends, trends and more trends! There are so many different ones that even I find them a bit difficult to keep up with. Yes, I just admitted that! Fashion is ALWAYS evolving and unless you make it your priority to be up to date on the latest and greatest trends, you can get a tad confused on what’s hot and what’s not! But not to worry my friend. That’s why I spend countless hours on the Internet reading blogs, researching designers and buying magazines…so you don’t have to! Before delving into the millions of groovy trends you oughta know, let’s just keep it basic and chat about key pieces. According to the Instyle Magazine (March ’14 Issue), there are 5 KEY PIECES that you need for Spring 2014 and they are:

5 Key Pieces of Spring 2014

1. Denim Jacket

2. Striped Dress

3. Flowy Pants

4. White Jacket

5. Flippy Skirt

As you can see, these are all pretty basic pieces and quite possibly things that you already have in your closet. However, the tricky part comes when you actually have to put the pieces together! Currently, fashion is all about unique color, pattern and texture combinations. Mixing a bunch of different things together in hopes of creating a look that’s cohesive and balanced. To display how one would do that, I have taken two key pieces from the list above and created a fun spring look. The flippy skirt and the denim jacket.

Stripes, Denim & Lace

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Get The Look Thursdays (or should I say…Friday): Desolate Field

Friday, April 11th, 2014

 I really hate those moments when you buy something KNOWING that it isn’t practical for your wardrobe. But you see it, love it and know that you cannot leave without buying it! That fashion imprint moment (which I seem to have more often than not…lol). Any who, last June before Jason and I got married, I really wanted to find a simple white dress to wear post wedding. I had searched, searched and searched and didn’t find a thing that I liked until only days before the wedding. I walked into Bella’s Boutique and found this absolutely stunning simple white dress and it was perfect, buuuttttt it was sheer, which presented one BIG issue for me…finding suitable undergarments. UGH. Thanks to the help of my best friend, Vanessa, we were able to make it work, but I haven’t worn the dress since! Being the determined person that I am, I decided it was time to find a way to wear this dress without freaking out about the sheerness and wondering if my undies would show or not! Welp, I think I did it. T-shirt over dress aka long over long.

Desolate Field 

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Get The Look Thursdays: Rosettes and Tulle

Thursday, April 3rd, 2014

You guys are already aware of my great love for all things tulle! Ahhh…it’s just magnificent and no, I will not continue to carry on about it! However, if you are interested in hearing more about my secret love affair with tulle, see HERE and HERE. lol.  Any who, most people would consider a tulle skirt as a wardrobe statement piece. Something that you wear every once in a blue moon. After all it is a tulle; but with those thoughts in mind I thought it would be cool to give myself a little styling challenge. How many different ways can I style this skirt? I must say, this challenge has already proven to be a little difficult, as I want to make sure each time it is styled that it is “fashion comparable” to the last time I wore it! Eeeeeeek. So for the next couple months you’ll probably be seeing lots of this skirt and I do hope that you share your honest feedback each time you see it!  Without any further delay here’s another look from the Kramer Farm,  Rosettes and Tulle.

Rosettes and Tulle 

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Get The Look Thursdays: Sweet Somethings

Friday, March 21st, 2014

If you look up the phrase “girly girl” in the dictionary, I’m almost positive you would find a picture of me beside the definition! For as long as I can remember, I have always loved the sweet girly things in life.  Lipstick, high heels, pocketbooks, ribbons, monograms, and of course…tulle skirts! There is just something so magical and whimsical about tulle. It’s enchanting, carefree, delicate, and sweet. So as you could imagine, I was pretty stoked when tulle skirts became a fashion trend! All was officially right with the world, until I discovered how difficult it was to find “the most perfect” tulle skirt at an affordable price point. After almost 2 years of searching, one day while scrolling on Instagram I discovered Peace Love & Tulle thanks to Karla Reed of Chic Thrifty. At that moment my tulle skirt dream became a magical reality!

Sweet Somethings

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Get The Look Thursdays: Winter Sun

Thursday, March 6th, 2014


Let’s just have a moment of honesty here…standing outside and having your picture taken in below freezing weather isn’t exactly the easiest thing I’ve ever done. In fact, the first time Kimberly and I took blog pictures together, we nearly froze to death. Frozen hands and chattering teeth…not cool Robert Frost (I love Kid President!).

For this particular shoot it was pretty cold outside and I decided at the last minute warmth was a “little” more important than fashion. So I changed my entire outfit. Also, I should mention this was the same day Kimberly and I locked her keys in the car while out on location. Thank God for Triple AAA. Minus those little details, we had a great shoot! I was very warm (and happy) thanks to my lamb’s wool jacket. Ok, so without further delay here is… Winter Sun.

Winter Sun 

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