Dress Up, Dress Down

Get The Look Thursdays: Rosettes and Tulle

Thursday, April 3rd, 2014

You guys are already aware of my great love for all things tulle! Ahhh…it’s just magnificent and no, I will not continue to carry on about it! However, if you are interested in hearing more about my secret love affair with tulle, see HERE and HERE. lol.  Any who, most people would consider a tulle skirt as a wardrobe statement piece. Something that you wear every once in a blue moon. After all it is a tulle; but with those thoughts in mind I thought it would be cool to give myself a little styling challenge. How many different ways can I style this skirt? I must say, this challenge has already proven to be a little difficult, as I want to make sure each time it is styled that it is “fashion comparable” to the last time I wore it! Eeeeeeek. So for the next couple months you’ll probably be seeing lots of this skirt and I do hope that you share your honest feedback each time you see it!  Without any further delay here’s another look from the Kramer Farm,  Rosettes and Tulle.

Rosettes and Tulle 

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Get The Look Thursdays: Sweet Somethings

Friday, March 21st, 2014

If you look up the phrase “girly girl” in the dictionary, I’m almost positive you would find a picture of me beside the definition! For as long as I can remember, I have always loved the sweet girly things in life.  Lipstick, high heels, pocketbooks, ribbons, monograms, and of course…tulle skirts! There is just something so magical and whimsical about tulle. It’s enchanting, carefree, delicate, and sweet. So as you could imagine, I was pretty stoked when tulle skirts became a fashion trend! All was officially right with the world, until I discovered how difficult it was to find “the most perfect” tulle skirt at an affordable price point. After almost 2 years of searching, one day while scrolling on Instagram I discovered Peace Love & Tulle thanks to Karla Reed of Chic Thrifty. At that moment my tulle skirt dream became a magical reality!

Sweet Somethings

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Get The Look Thursdays: Winter Sun

Thursday, March 6th, 2014


Let’s just have a moment of honesty here…standing outside and having your picture taken in below freezing weather isn’t exactly the easiest thing I’ve ever done. In fact, the first time Kimberly and I took blog pictures together, we nearly froze to death. Frozen hands and chattering teeth…not cool Robert Frost (I love Kid President!).

For this particular shoot it was pretty cold outside and I decided at the last minute warmth was a “little” more important than fashion. So I changed my entire outfit. Also, I should mention this was the same day Kimberly and I locked her keys in the car while out on location. Thank God for Triple AAA. Minus those little details, we had a great shoot! I was very warm (and happy) thanks to my lamb’s wool jacket. Ok, so without further delay here is… Winter Sun.

Winter Sun 

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Get The Look Thursdays: Sandra D.

Friday, February 21st, 2014

By now, I am sure that you guys already know who is Katelyn is! But just in case you don’t…take a peek HERE.

Well, just 2 weeks ago she had the opportunity to perform with Anthony Mossburg (his tunes are available for purchase via iTunes…and yes, you should check him out!) for his album debut at the Smoot Theater in Parkersburg. When Katelyn told me back in November that she would be performing along side Anthony, I immediately volunteered myself to be her stylist! And here’s the best part…SHE AGREED! ha. After countless hours of picture text messaging and pinning to one another, we created a look that was absolutely perfect for the performance. Say hello to Sandra D. (and big thank you to Christopher Read (Kate’s husband) for coming up with that title).

Sandra D. 

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Get The Look Thursdays: Purple Edge

Friday, January 10th, 2014

Christmas is always a wonderful time of the year! My closet especially enjoys it…ha. Any who, I got two items I’ve been drooling over for a couple of months…a pair of colored, high rise, faux leather jeans from American Eagle and a knit shrug from ILY COUTURE. And I must say…I love both pieces even more NOW that I’ve had a chance to style and wear them. So sit back and enjoy a little…Purple Edge! WARNING: Katelyn captured so many great photos that I decided to post more than usual! The indecisive side of my personality just couldn’t decide.

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Get The Look Thursdays: Sassy Leather

Thursday, November 28th, 2013

There aren’t words to even describe how much I am LOVING the faux leather trend. It is totally giving me life right now.  However, I’ve had a hard time finding the right faux leather “ANYTHING” due to my rather bubbly butt. So for the last 10 months I have steered clear of this trend, until I discovered this little beauty in a friend’s suitcase!

Sassy LeatherIMG_6235_2

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Get The Look Thursdays: Simply Burgundy

Friday, November 15th, 2013

Not that you will be too surprised, but I was that girl in high school who always wore printed skirts, cowl neck tops, crop pants and any type of high heels I could get my hands on! At the age of 14 I started shopping at Stein Mart…(yup, Stein Mart). Although it was my utmost priority to make outstanding grades and be involved in every possible extracurricular activity, I was just a “tad bit” more concerned about winning the “Best Dressed” Senior Superlative. So, yes, I spent four years of my life attempting to be the best dressed gal of the class of 2007! haha! And guess what??? I DID NOT WIN. Devastated may not even be the word to explain how I felt on that day. Anywho, I share all of this to say that I remember what I was wearing the day they made the was this super cute knee length skirt. It was a mauve pink, grey, camel and BURGUNDY floral print skirt. I absolutely loved it. However, about 3 years ago I had to give it away as it no longer fit. But one day while randomly window shopping at H&M near NYU, I found these awesome BURGUNDY crop pants that made me think of that skirt! And to be honest these pants are way more awesome than that skirt could ever have been…they are
“SIMPLE”, much like life is now in comparison to my high school drama days! haha.

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Get The Look Thursdays: Bold Lips & the Drew Berrymore Sweater

Thursday, November 7th, 2013

Sooooo just in case you guys have not noticed, my most favorite fall pieces are the Live a Little military jacket and my Express cheetah print infinity scarf that I have featured a couple of times on Get The Look Thursdays! Not a week goes by were I DO NOT wear these two pieces at least twice…I just love them!  But because I wear these pieces pretty often, I am always looking for new ways to style them…that way they look completely different than the last time, which can be tricky. Especially when I am going on day #67 of “NO PERSONAL SHOPPING!” Anywho, I have given myself a new challenge….learning how to make the most of my closet with what I have! Sounds a lot easier said than done, right? However, in actuality, it really is quite easy. It simply takes a bit more creativity on my end.

Bold Lips & the Drew Berrymore Sweater 

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Get The Look Thursdays: Military Chic’

Thursday, October 31st, 2013

As most of you guys know, I have a dance background. So naturally, I love anything that is long, has movement and is pleated. In March 2013 I saw pictures of my sister-in-law, Katelyn, wearing a ballet pink, pleated maxi for one of her performances. I immediately texted and said, “I need that skirt! Where did you get it?” To my surprise but not to my surprise she spilled the beans…”TJ MAXX! Why of course?” lol. Seeing that every TJ Maxx has different inventory, she promised to go and see if they had another one and guess what?!? THEY DID! Before Katelyn even confirmed if they had another or not, I already knew how I wanted to style this skirt. However, it has taken until NOW for me to get it just RIGHT! I had most of the pieces I needed to create this “Military Chic'” look, but it just didn’t feel complete until I received this perfectly cropped military jacket.

Military Chic’


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Get The Look Thursdays: Casually Sophisticated

Thursday, October 10th, 2013

I’m that girl who happens to have a “love hate relationship” with graphic tees.  They are fun and cute, but there is ALWAYS  a BIG FAT BUT for me…LOL. I always buy them and end up giving them away during my annual closet purge.  However, there is one that I just cannot seem to part with…I purchased it maybe 5 years ago while at a major blowout sale at Burlington Coat Factory with my mom during the Christmas holiday.  Well, this $7 Breakfast at Tiffany’s graphic tee has seen the light of day maybe 4 or 5 times since I purchased it.  So, just the other day while attempting to organize my t-shirt drawer (which is a never ending process), I decided it was time to challenge myself and make this stinking graphic tee a wardrobe staple! And I just think I may have succeeded…

Casually Sophisticated 

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