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Get The Look Thursdays: Junk In Treasures

Thursday, May 8th, 2014

Last week was insanely busy! I mean so busy that you don’t really sleep at night. Yeah, that busy. Any who, my goal was just to make it to Thursday, as I knew that I would have some quality downtime with my sister-in-law, Katelyn, on our day trip to Kentucky! As we commenced on our 8 hour roundtrip adventure, we discovered a beautiful disaster.  Of course, we had to stop, marvel, take a few pictures and partake of a hillbilly hotdog.

Junk In Treasures

Junk In Treasures

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Get The Look Thursdays: Morning Sun

Thursday, April 17th, 2014

Yay.  Spring is finally here!  Although the sun is shining brighter and the birds are singing, the weather here in West Virginia is still a tad chilly.  I will gladly take cool, windy days over below freezing temperatures and snow any day, as I have discovered that I absolutely HATE the snow. Guess I should probably get over that, seeing that I now live in the Northeastern part of the country. Any who, I really love wearing sweaters and scarves year round. So as you can imagine, I am taking full advantage of the breezy weather by wearing some of my “lighter” yet warm and cozy pieces.

Morning Sun 

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Get The Look Thursdays: Dry Land

Friday, March 28th, 2014

Although I consider myself a city girl, there is something quite amazing about the country. It’s calming, quiet and absolutely beautiful. After receiving an invitation from my dear friend, Kelly Kramer to come out to her farm to take pictures, I jumped on the opportunity and began outfit planning. Knowing there would be an immense amount of dry land from the harsh winter, I thought it would be kinda cool to do a country-esque safari look. A little khaki, hunter green and camel brown of course. Also, I’ve been dying to style my new boots for a blog shoot and this felt like the perfect atmosphere. Ok, enough of my jibber jabber. Enjoy a little “Dry Land” courtesy of the Kramer farm and Kimberly’s excellent picture taking skills.

Dry Land


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Get The Look Thursdays: Simple M-47

Thursday, March 13th, 2014

The weather here in West Virginia is beginning to shape up! The sun is shining a little brighter and everyone has an extra pep in their step. It’s awesome!!!  I’m pretty sure (myself include) that everybody was giving up on the idea of Spring. This winter has been beyond nasty. Uggghh.

With the weather being so wonderful, I figured it was high time that I shared a more casual look with you guys. And I don’t what else screams causal like a cream colored v-neck, boyfriend jeans and ankle booties.

Simple M-47

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Get The Look Thursdays: Retro In Snow

Thursday, February 6th, 2014

I love that moment when you walk into a store, see something and KNOW that you absolutely have to have it. To be honest that happens to me almost every time I walk into a store…it’s almost like imprinting (yes, that is a reference to the Twilight Saga…ha). But imprinting on a new piece of clothing isn’t particularly awesome when you are on a budget. You just stand there trying to convince yourself about how you are going to persuade your husband that this purchase is indeed necessary. It’s during that moment that I usually have to slap myself back to reality, put everything back, and just leave! The temptation to buy it just becomes consuming…(I sound like a drug addict) ugh! Any who, I share all of that to say, that I “fashion imprinted” on this cozy, oatmeal colored sweater from Kohls. Sadly, I had already spent all of my January allowance, but then I remembered I had some Kohls Cash (praise the Lord for Kohls Cash) from Christmas shopping and a gift card from a previous return! I think that God knew I would want this sweater and was looking out for me! Just saying…lol. Here’s a Retro In Snow with imagery by Kimberly J.

Retro In Snow 

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Get The Look Thursdays: Werk It Out!

Friday, January 24th, 2014

Just like every other person in America, I made a New Years resolution to work out a bit more and I HAVE NOT! It has just been way too cold to get up any earlier and make a trip to the gym…haha.  So, in hopes of motivating my lazy butt, I bought a new workout shirt!  While shopping at Kohls I was tempted to purchase the entire workout section!  Everything was sooooo stinking cute.  Fitness wear has really evolved with lots of fun color, prints and even textures.  I do believe that the treadmill will become my new runway…a little fashion, a little working out = THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS for this girl.

Werk It Out 


More often than not, I am that one girl at the gym who has on all of the crazy colors!  Personally, the gym has a very drab feeling.  Doesn’t matter where I go…Planet Fitness, YMCA or the fancy smancy Equinox, it just feels blah!  So I always wear something loud, hence the reason I have these wonderfully bright pink Nike capri pants.  Love them.  Super comfy and they have inside lining! 



Even when I’m getting dressed for the gym, I think about the accessories.  To tone down the pink just tad, I thought it would be best to add a few neutrels…chunky infinity scarf for the bitter cold and of course a little Northface Denali action.  This jacket is amazingly warm!  I’m considering getting one in raspberry pink. 



 I’m a huge fan of these running shoes!  I don’t believe that Nike still makes this particular style, but it is very similar to the Nike Free 5.0+.  Lots of cushion!  It basically feels like you are (comfortably) running barefoot.  Also, there are quite a few different color options!



Isn’t Nixon the cutest Wheaten pup you’ve ever seen?  To be honest, he wasn’t too excited about modeling.  He just wanted to play in the grass, but we managed to get some awesome action shots!  Thanks Nixon : ) 




He likes to give puppy kisses! 


Here’s the workout top that I snagged from Kohls!  My eye was immediately drawn to the print.  I also liked that grey was the primary color with little hints of mint green.  Another great neautrel-esque thing to pair with the raspberry Nike capri pants. 


BOOM! Look at that grand battement and yes, I forgot to remove the tags. bahaha.

Today’s moral: If you are lacking gym motivation, I highly recommend that you go shopping for some new workout gear and be sure to snag lots of colorful things!  There is nothing wrong with being the “sunshine” in the room….as long as you aren’t the cupcake in the room!  You just may encourage someone else to be bolder and brighter with their fitness wardrobe.

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Get The Look Thursdays: Sweet Reindeer

Thursday, January 2nd, 2014

So, I’m not sure if you remember or not, but back in November I posted my “November Desires.”  And one of those six desires happened to be this sweet reindeer graphic tee from the J. Crew factory and thanks to my amazing momma I was able to snag it! However, I was a tad disappointed upon receiving it to discover that it was EMBELLISHED and I ABSOLUTELY HATE EMBELLISHED graphic tees.  It just looks cheap and corny in my opinion.  I know…pretty harsh.  But, after 2 hours of meticulously cutting tiny threads, I removed all of the bead work and ended up with the most perfect reindeer tee.  I think I will name her, Olive. ha.

Sweet Reindeer 

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Get The Look Thursdays: Punchy Red Pants and The Fringe..

Thursday, December 12th, 2013

If you know me then you already know I have a deep passion for all things bright and bold! According to my mom I’v always been that way, which I find pretty cool. LOL. Anywho, I found these wonderful punchy red crop pants from H&M last fall (along with a burgundy and black pair that I have already featured on the blog) and I’ve hardly even worn them! So while randomly rummaging through my closet I decided it was time to whip these babies out and style them : ) 

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Get The Look Thursdays: Teen Casual

Thursday, November 21st, 2013

One of the things that I love most about clothing and fashion is not styling myself, but styling others! If it were a perfect world I would be a swanky fashion stylist/personal shopper on the UWS of NYC sharing the joy of fashion while breaking the banks of others and not my own…haha. To be more serious I find styling truly satisfying. There is no greater feeling than helping someone achieve a “look” they have often seen, but are not quite sure as to how they should do it themselves, where they can go to find those pieces and so on…which brings me to today’s Get The Look Thursdays! Although I do enjoy dressing up and getting my picture taken for you peeps, I felt that it was equally important to showcase that I can style others, as well as myself. So, say hello to Aliana Penha, one of the cutest preteens I know and my first feature model on Live, Love and Read. Isn’t she beautiful?  And I must say she was pretty stoked when I asked her to be a model for the blog…and this was our end result!

Teen Casual

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