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Say Hello to Kandice Pelletier Swimwear!

Wednesday, November 13th, 2013

I have some exciting news that I can finally share with you all…I am now working for Kandice Pelletier Swimwear! For those of you who do not know, Kandice Pelletier is the owner and designer of a fancy smancy swimwear line based out of New York City that specializes in creating customizable competition suits for pageant contestants.

To make a long story short…Kandice and her sister, Kendra, competed in the Miss Georgia circuit a few years before I did! When it came time to purchase an awesome competition swimsuit, everyone recommended that I contact the Pelletiers and I did. Needless to say, the dynamic Pelletier trio (Kandice, Kendra and Mrs. Jodi) made me a rocking sunshine yellow swimsuit that I wore in my last year of competition at Miss Georgia. As much as I hated the Lifestyle and Fitness portion of the pageant, I had NEVER felt more confident on stage! The swimsuit fit was absolute PERFECTION. And if you ask any other girl from the Miss GA circuit who wore a Pelletier swimsuit, they would say the exact same thing!

Knowing that they had created something truly special and unique, in 2011 Kandice decided to take the reigns and expand the brand now known as Kandice Pelletier Swimwear.  To date, the line has been worn by some pretty spectacular peeps, including:

Denise Richards, Actress 


Mallory Hytes Hagan, Miss America 2013


Cassidy Wolf, Miss Teen USA 2013 

Miss Teen USA 2013

Nina Davuluri, Miss America 2014554063_559764210757174_1985431453_n

So when you have a moment, I encourage you to skip on over to to find out a little more about this awesome swimwear line! And oh yeah, to stay up-to-date on what’s new with KPSwimwear, follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter. All of the cool kids are…sooo you should too!

Oh, Glorious Healthy Hair!

Tuesday, October 29th, 2013


“Healthy hair, healthy hair,” is all I seem to hear these days! At first I was slightly annoyed by the movement, but that was only because I was frustrated and completely unsure of how to achieve…healthy hair! Well, I have come to discover that it is not as difficult as I thought it would be.  The hardest part of the process is simply making the decision and committing to it! With lots of advice and recommendations from various “hair” friends, I have been on the journey of achieving healthy hair since the end of May!  I have seen tremendous growth and couldn’t be more excited to see where this process takes me. With all of that being said…I wanted to take a moment and share some of the wondtacular products and tips that I have been using and that can be used for a variety of hair types to help you achieve glorious healthy hair!

Great Hair Products You Should TRY!

  1. Simplicity Hair Oil – Where do I even begin? This oil blend is pure awesomeness in a bottle. Not only does it smell great, but it actually produces awesome results. The all natural blend helps unmanageable hair become manageable! Whether it is dry, slow growing or just plain dead..this product revives! Mine is a daily go to. Some would consider it pricey…but I am hear to tell you, it is well worth the investment. Oh yes, they will be releasing a shampoo and conditioner very soon…cannnot wait!!
  2. Salon Grafix Invisible Dry Shampoo – Where would the hair world be without dry shampoo?! lol. Just a super easy and quick way to make those oily roots not so oily. Although this is a hair washing life saver, it is important that you follow the directions…so please read them for optimum results!
  3. Silk Elements Megasilk Olive Heat Protectant Spray – Well, it is no surprise that I have an African American hair texture…lol. So for black hair it is SUPER DUPER IMPORTANT that we use heat protectant spray, considering how fragile our hair is from chemicals. What I love most about this particular heat protectant is that it has an olive oil base. So not only is my hair protected, but it is also being moisturized. Double product bonus.
  4. Organix Moroccan Sea Salt Spray – Looking to achieve that effortless, yet messy beach wave curl? If so, then this is the product for you. You can spray it on wet or dry hair and it works beautifully.  With this product I would have to say that less is more…so only use a little bit!
  5. Ojon Restorative Finishing Spray – Every woman wants her hair to have that nice glossy shine. If your hair is anything like mine, that beautiful shine typically last from 1 to 4 days after I’ve had a visit to the hair salon or just washed it myself. With the Ojon Restorative Finishing Spray I am able to achieve that “shiny hair” look more often! I really enjoy using this product on the days that I use Salon Grafix Invisible Dry Shampoo (aka dirty hair days!). It really helps me achieve that look of freshly washed hair!
  6. Nutrilite Natural Vitamin B Complex – When shopping for the perfect hair vitamin, I would encourage that you look for a “Vitamin B Complex.” As you may already know, the different Vitamin B’s are pretty awesome vitamins by themselves, however when all of the various B class vitamins are grouped together they become a POWERHOUSE. Vitamin B encourages hair growth, thickness and shine.
  7. Lots and Lots of Water – As we have heard for most of our lives, “You need to drink more water!” Although you may not want to hear it, this is indeed true, especially if you want to increase hair growth! Lack of water will cause the hair growing cells to not reproduce as a result of hair dehydration, which will then cause the natural hair growth cycle to either slow down tremendously or stop altogether!  With that in mind, always try to drink at least 1.9 liters of water per day. It takes discipline to say no to the sweet tea with lemon or the ice cold coke cola, but you can do it! The results of drinking water is so worth it. Not only does it increase hair growth, but it simply is better for your body.

And there you have it my friends…just a few hair products that have proven themselves to be amazingly awesome! Give them a whirl and please share your results!

New York City Ballet Fall Gala: Where Fashion Meets Dance

Monday, September 30th, 2013

Gala time at New York City Ballet is always an exciting time of the year….especially Fall Gala! This year’s event was absolutely spectacular and the fashion was no exception. Here are a few of my favorite looks from the red carpet:

 Best Dressed Celebs from NYCB Fall Gala

Sarah Jessica Parker


Tori Burch


Doutzen Kroes and Sunnery James


Natalie PortmanNYC-Ballet-Fall-Gala-2013-Best-Dressed

It is at no surprise that attending a high society arts gala comes with a rather expensive admission ticket. So for all of you who are wondering what the event was like inside of the David H. Koch Theater, here is your sneak peek:

 NYCB Fall Gala 2013 Images






And last, but not least…what did I wear??

DSC00018 DSC00025

I found this lovely gem at Express! It was absolutely perfect. Gold hardware on the front and leather straps paired with BCBG pumps..yes please!

  • Gala Images: Julie Skarratt Photography
  • Images of Candace’s Wardrobe: John Calabrese Photography

My Top Boutique Spots (and a giveaway)!

Thursday, September 12th, 2013

Drum roll please….”No Shop September” continues! I have been attempted about 10 times in the last 9 days, but I am proud to say I have not caved! woot woot.  However, I have been doing a good bit of online window shopping in preparation for Fall season, which brings me to today’s topic of conversation…my top boutique spots! While I do enjoy shopping at retail stores, I tend to get most of my statement pieces from boutiques! I love the exclusivity of purchasing a piece from a boutique and knowing that it is highly unlikely for me to see someone wearing the exact same thing or the same way! So here are a few of my most favorite boutiques:

My Top Boutique Spots

1. Ally B’s- This boutique will always have a special place in my heart! It was February 2008 when I made my first boutique purchase ever and it was with Ally B’s. Located in the heart of downtown Thomasville, Ally B’s offers both great atmosphere and clothing. They carry some of my favorite lines such a GLAM, Flying Tomato and Esley.

2. Ruche Boutique- Love, love, love Ruche Boutique! Out of all of the boutiques I shop at, I feel that Ruche best represents my current style! They have everything…dresses, skirts, tops and pants.  It has become my boutique one stop shop : )

3. Darling Boutique– Oh darling, Darling Boutique is darling! I discovered this boutique one Saturday after having brunch at Good Restaurant  in West Village. It is a small 2 story space with lots of great things! They are known for their spectacular dress selection and vintage treasures. If you are looking for something amazingly unique, then Darling is place for you!

4. fab’rik– fab’rik is all about the experience! Considering that I love to shop and to shop often, experience is very important to me. It is always refreshing to go into a boutique that goes to great lengths to make sure you have an incredible shopping experience. In addition their really awesome service, they also have great clothing and multiple locations!

5. Sweet Tea Boutique– Another boutique that has a special place in my heart…Sweet Tea! The very first boutique I ever worked for.  What I love most about the clothing offered at Sweet Tea are the bright, bold colors and prints! I know that if I am looking for something uniquely colorful and different, Sweet Tea is the place to look.

6. Bella’s– Bella’s is that one boutique that I go into and NEVER come out empty handed! I always find something that I like or need. LOL.  I would have to say that a good majority of things that I wear on special trips and vacations come from Bella’s Boutique. What I love most about this store is the variety…there is something for everyone! And speaking of something for everyone, Bella’s  Boutique was amazingly nice and hooked me up with a giveaway for the month of September!  Say hello to this gorgeous Big Buddha hand bag (valued at $75.00)!

photo 2photo 3


photo 2 copy


And guess what? You have a chance a win it!! The rules are quite simple…all you have to do is the following:

  1. Find me on Instagram (un: candacemread)
  2. Follow Me
  3. Follow Bella’s Boutique (un: bellasboutiquebainbridge)
  4. Regram the photo of me with the Big Buddha bag and hashtag #livelovereadgiveaway

And that’s it! Feel free to repost  the photo as many times as you desire. The contest closes Sunday September 15th at 11:59PM and the winner will be announced Monday morning on Instagram : )  The giveaway will being today at 1:30PM EST. Happy Regramming and may the odds forever be in your favor!

  • Madewell Chambray
  • Daisy Fuentes Jeans
  • Delicate Raymond Necklace
  • Photography by Katelyn A. Read

Fabulous Labor Day Sales!

Monday, September 2nd, 2013

It’s Labor Day and you already know what I’m thinking….shopping, shopping and more shopping! However, I am partaking in “No Shop September,” which means I won’t be shopping….not even a little bit! I’ve already been tempted this weekend while browsing at the local TJ Maxx…BLAH. Although I am not shopping, I wanted to spread the news on a couple of deals you may not be able to resist!

Fabulous Labor Days Sales:



Photo Credit: Katelyn A. Read 

ILY COUTURE is my go to place when I need statement jewelry!  They have everything a fashionista could ever dream off. Today they are offering one heck of deal on the fringe necklace (pictured above)… ONLY $16 (originally priced for $42). Definitely something you need snag today. Use code FRINGE16 at checkout.

Delicate Raymond 


Photo Credit: Emily Loftiss

Oh Delicate Raymond, how I adore thee! Thanks to Emily Loftiss  I am beyond addicted to this lovely line. Simple and timeless pieces that every girl should have…especially the 30 inch vintage monogram necklace (pictured above).  In honor of Labor Day, Delicate Raymond is hosting a 50% off everything sale!  Use sale code 50LABOR.

Alex and Ani 


Photo Credit: Candace Read

Another great line that I love… Alex and Ani.  I love wearing their bangles. Just an effortless way to complete any outfit! Sadly they aren’t offering any major deals like ILY COUTURE or Delicate Raymond, but they are offering free shipping and that is pretty HUGE as we all know shipping prices are killer these days! Use code TREAT.

And those are just a few fabulous Labor Day sales and I know there are tons more!!! Happy Shopping and Happy Labor Day!

Kate Middleton in Royal Labor!

Monday, July 22nd, 2013

Happy Monday Peeps!

As most of you know I am HUGE fan of Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge! You may remember one of my previous blog post about her incredible style and if not, here’s the link for ya: The Royal Fashionista Kate Middleton.  Any who, I share all of this to say that Kate is in ROYAL LABOR! The Duchess entered St. Mary’s Hospital around 6 A.M with Prince William and went into labor naturally. So as I and the rest of the World waits to find out if the royal baby is a boy or a girl, I figured we could take a little stroll down memory lane and remember some of Kate’s awesome pregnancy fashion!

Kate Middleton’s Pregnancy Fashion









These are just a few of my favorites. I will be sure to keep you guys posted on the baby’s gender.  I am guessing it is a girl and they will name her Charlotte or Diana, but we shall see!! Ooooohhhh the excitement.

February Funness: NYFW, Birchbox Event, & NYCB Rose Ball

Monday, February 25th, 2013

Well folks, February is just about over! I feel as  if time is moving in super sonic speed. Is it just me? Hope not! According to my best friend, Vanessa, life is dragging by. haha.

Although, February has been a busy month it also has been very exciting! Here’s a little recap of some of the fun things that have taken place in the last two weeks:

New York Fashion Week: Fall/Winter Collections 2013

Every fashionista dreams of the tents. The white tents that is. As you may recall me sharing in a previous post about NYFW, it takes some pretty powerful connections to get inside of any fashion week event. On February 13th (one of the last days of NYFW for Fall/Winter Collections 2013). My internship advisor and friend, Sarah Horne asked if I would be interested in attending a little exhibition with her across the plaza….in the tents! Of course, I said YES! We had tickets to a presentation by Leather Japan. And then I had a chance to wonder around and absorb the magic. THANK YOU SARAH HORNE. You = Da Bomb!


IMG_7525IMG_7527 IMG_7529


IMG_7541 IMG_7535

Birchbox Event: Beauty, Bellinis and Bites

You all know that I am beyond obsessed with Birchbox.  Just like last season they hosted another Birchbox Fashion Event, which was super swank and very different from last season’s.  The event was hosted at the SoHo House in the Library Room.  So I spent couple of hours there with my friend, Kira and we enjoyed meeting and greeting with peeps, casual conversation over bellinis and bites while also engaging in a serious glam session with Lancome makeup artist, Alex Sanchez. Thank you to Emily Loftiss for connecting the dots and making this possible for me!

IMG_7472 IMG_7470

IMG_7483 IMG_7484

IMG_7467 IMG_7487

New York City Ballet Rose Ballet

One word..swank! This past Thursday was the 2nd Annual Young Patron’s Circle Rose Ball. We had approximately 350 guests to attend this event and it was great! Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.  And just to spice things up…it was Masquerade Ball! Almost everyone was wearing mask which helped cultivate this super sleek and fun atmosphere. And yes, there was dancing!

IMG_7664 IMG_7680


31895_10151482240935236_727376776_n 601957_10151482240765236_202001087_n



Yay for February Funness! Cannot wait to see what March has in store : )

New York City Ballet Annual Luncheon

Monday, February 11th, 2013

I think it goes without saying, but things are rocking and rolling at New York City Ballet (NYCB).  It is the beginning of a new year and winter season is full swing. I still cannot believe that I work for one the World’s most praised ballet companies! It is indeed a priceless experience. And speaking of “priceless”, this past Thursday was NYCB’s Annual Luncheon and guess who had chance to help out…ME : ) lol.

Just to give you a little background information, NYCB host approximately four benefit events per year. In addition to providing the guest with a unique opportunity to celebrate the Company’s accomplishments, it also serves as a medium in which aditional funds can be raised for the needs of the Company.  This year the Annual Luncheon “Barre to Big Screen” focused on a new program the Company established called “Dancers Wellness.” In understanding the high demands dancers place on their bodies daily, this program aims to provide funding so they have consistent access to the BEST doctors, therapists, and much more.

Overall the event was absolutely spectacular! Everything ran as smoothly as one could dream.  Oh yes, I must give you the highlight of the event…I had the chance to interact with not one, but two of my all time favorite celebrities…Sarah Jessica Parker and Drew Barrymore.  I think it goes without saying, but they are both BEAUTIFUL and amazingly kind in person.  Ok, ok…so here’s what they were wearing:

Sarah Jessica Parker


Drew Barrymore


And to put the icing on the cake, Drew Barrymore complimented me on my sweater and even asked where it came from! I’m not going to lie…I was a little caught off guard which led to me stumbling over my words in attempt to answer! lol. It was nice to have one of my fav celebs affirm that I made a good wardrobe choice! Thank you Banana Republic for creating such an awesome line of sweaters..I think I will buy a few more!!!

Post Drew Barrymore Compliment

photo copy 2

Here are a few candids for ya!

photo photo-3 photo-2 photo-1 copy


photo copy

The Best Gowns of Miss America 2013!

Thursday, January 17th, 2013

Since most fashion bloggers are focusing on the “best and worst” dressed of the Golden Globes, I thought it was only appropriate that I focused my fashion attention on the 2013 Miss America Pageant! And I must say it was indeed spectacular! Out of respect of each contestant’s gown choice, I have decided to only share the “best gowns” rather than highlight the ones that I did not like.  As we all know fashion is subjective! What one gal loves could be what another gal hates and vice versa. Enough of the small talk…here we GO!

Miss Tennessee, Chandler Lawson

Seeing lots of white gowns at Miss America is very typical, but Chandler made a great choice but adding blue stone work to the neckline. Also love the split..not too high and not too low. And lastly love the fact that she parted her hair opposite side of the split!
Miss TN

Miss Wyoming, Lexie Madden

Let’s just say…you can never go wrong with black! This gown is simple and sleek, but FABULOUS.  Love the neckline, bead work and of course the split. This dress is a custom design by Gasper Cruz of Crown Couture.  Considering that this dress has received better reviews than Eva Longoria’s black gown at the Golden Globes, I’m sure he will be receiving a couple of phone calls and rightful so! Miss WC

Miss New York, Mallory Hagan 

And guess what? Another white gown! First and foremost I absolutely LOVE jersey material so that sold me first.  Secondly I’m a huge fan of one shouldered anything.  So naturally I found this gown stunning. The sleek, classic ponytail and the black jewelry sealed the deal for me.  In my opinion this dress screams trendy/red carpet Miss America. Miss NYAnd I guess the judges felt the same way…because Mallory Hagan was crowned Miss America 2013 in that very dress!

Miss A

What are your thoughts about the dresses shown above? As always, I’m curious to know your opinion.

Great Holiday Up Do’s!

Wednesday, December 19th, 2012

It’s hard to believe that Christmas is just ONE WEEK away. I think we all blinked and December was here and now it’s almost gone!

If your anything like me I am sure you are preparing for a couple of holiday parties this upcoming weekend (Jason and I are having our engagement party this Saturday!) and in addition to finding the perfect holiday get up you are probably thinking “How should I wear my hair?” Well, if you aren’t at the current moment come Friday you will be thinking of this! So in the spirit of holiday fashion funness, I wanted to share a few of my favorite Up Do’s that would work perfectly in completing your holiday look!

1. The TopKnot

Love this up do and Keltie Collen makes it appear absolutely effortless! What I love is that you can have more of a messy approach with this style or you can make it super sleek and clean. Just depends on what type of mood your are in or I guess I should say what look you are trying to achieve.

2. Rockette French Twist

A french twist is just one of those classic hairstyles that looks amazing on anyone! In this video Emily Loftiss of Loftiss Says shares a few tips on how to add the secret” Rockette” touch to this timeless up do.

3. The Messy Bun

What I like about this particular bun, there is no structure and it takes all of 5 seconds to achieve! A great option to go with when you’ve spent way too much time trying on different outfits resulting in every little time for hair and makeup. Michelle Money of LookTV will take you through this easy process step by step making it appear even easier than you thought!

And there you have it…3 easy Up Do’s you can achieve for this weekend’s festivities! Which one do you think you will try? Please share below as I am curious to know!