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Heirloom Finds Collaboration: Candace’s Top Picks #1

Tuesday, August 26th, 2014

Heirloom Finds: Candace Top Picks #1
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This summer has been a summer of awesomeness for Live, Love and Read!  So many amazing things in the works and one of those things includes a collaboration with Heirloom Finds, an online jewelry boutique.  When I received the e-mail from this wonderful company, I nearly fainted as I am obsessed with all things jewelry, because jewelry is the one thing that “COMPLETES” a look.  Any who, I was invited to the Heirloom Finds HQ to select some goodies and here is what I selected!  So, over the course of the next couple weeks I’ll be incorporating these wonderful pieces into my daily wardrobe, as well as featuring them here on the blog starting this Thursday!  Also on Thursday, I’ll be sharing how you can win a $25 e-gift card from Heirloom Finds!  Sooo be sure to stay tuned.  In the meantime, why don’t you skip on over to and start shopping! Trust me, you won’t regret it.

This post is kindly brought to you by Heirloom Finds of Vienna, WV. 

Miss America Wardrobe Ideas

Friday, August 22nd, 2014

Miss America Wardrobe Ideas
Miss America is right around the corner. 24 days to be exact and I couldn’t be more excited! For the last couple weeks I’ve been doing lots personal styling for clients who are competing and/or attending, which has left me with very little time to think about myself (or Jason for that matter)! So, yesterday evening I took some time to do a little preliminary wardrobe brainstorming and this is what I came up with. Oh yes, I should mention… the dress and the blazer are the common dominator for each option! So I’m just deciding on which earring, shoe and lip color I should pair with those two items. What are your thoughts…Option 1 or Option 2?

Styling Miss Georgia!

Friday, June 27th, 2014

For those of you who don’t know, I competed in the Miss America system for 3 years.
Although I never won the title of Miss Georgia, I had a wonderful experience that has Miss Georgia 2014 Maggie Bridgesprovided me with countless job opportunities and life long friends. And speaking of life
long friends, I am sooooooooo thrilled to share that one of my dearest friends (aka my little sister and hometown friend) was crowned Miss GA this past Saturday! I am so excited for her that you would think that I won the pageant. haha. Being the awesome person that she is, Maggie allowed me to style a couple of looks for her, and of course I want to share them with you! So without further adieu, I present to you… Miss  Georgia 2014 , MAGGIE BRIDGES.


Thursday Night Visitation Look Styling Miss Georgia Styling Miss Georgia Styling Miss Georgia

Styling Miss Georgia

Farewell Luncheon Look

Styling Miss Georgia Styling Miss Georgia Styling Miss Georgia

Styling Miss Georgia

Isn’t she the cutest? If you are interested in following Maggie’s journey to Miss America, please take a moment and connect with her via social media:

Facebook| Instagram| Twitter

Also, be sure to tune into ABC on Sunday, September 14th to see Maggie vie for the title of Miss America along with 50 other contestants! It’s going to be wondtacular : )


Get The Look Details: 

Thursday Night Visitation

Farewell Luncheon

My Day With Blush Albany! (Part 2)

Friday, May 2nd, 2014

And as promised, here’s Part 2 of my day with Blush Boutique!  P.S. Click HERE for Part 1 just in case you missed all of the juicy details from Wednesday.

My Day With Blush Boutique (Part 2) I pray that statement necklaces NEVER go out of style. I love how you can dress up the most basic top by simply adding a necklace! 

My Day With Blush Boutique (Part 2) Just in case you didn’t know, heavily patterned pants are HUGE these days. All of the cool kids are wearing them!

My Day With Blush Boutique (Part 2) Mini skirts are another one of those things that I tend to steer clear of, because I have the world’s longest legs and highest bubble butt. They always end up looking too tight and too short, and Lord knows I do not want to be the cupcake in the room! Any who, when my eyes found this cute skirt, I had that feeling of “I MUST WEAR YOU!” Luckily I was able to find this wonderful tunic-esque sheer top that gave me the length and butt cover I needed to wear this skirt. 

My Day With Blush Boutique (Part 2) My Day With Blush Boutique (Part 2) Don’t you just love the print on this skirt? It’s just stunning! 

My Day With Blush Boutique (Part 2)

Bright fushcia, pleats, strapless maxi dress…need I say more? LOVES!My Day With Blush Boutique (Part 2) My Day With Blush Boutique (Part 2) A perfect little dress for spring. The color, the shape, and the crochet embellishments scream HAPPY SPRING. To dress it up a bit, I decided to pair it with these large gold and black onyx earrings. My Day With Blush Boutique (Part 2) My Day With Blush Boutique (Part 2) Just putting a few things together! My Day With Blush Boutique (Part 2) I fell in love with the fuschia maxi dress by Ya and just had to have it! I’ll be wearing it for my 25th birthday dinner/party in June. It’s the most perfect dress for the occasion! 

IMG_7965My Day With Blush Boutique (Part 2)

And that’s a wrap my sweet friends! Blush Boutique is a wonderful little piece of retail heaven that you should most definitely check out! For those of you don’t live in Georgia, not to worry as you can purchase clothing via or their Facebook page (See Instructions HERE). Also, be sure to take a quick moment and connect with Blush Boutique via social media. Trust me, you won’t regret it : )


**Wardrobe courtesy of Blush Albany Boutique. Pieces are available for purchase.  Please call 229.439.0332 for further inquires.  All pictured footwear is from Candace’s personal collection (please not that the last 5 pictures features clothing and accessories that are also from Candace’s personal wardrobe) .**

Photography and Editing by Trista Porter of Reidesigns

My Day With Blush Boutique! (Part 1)

Wednesday, April 30th, 2014

Having the opportunity to hangout and play dress up in one of your most favorite boutiques would be a dream come true for most women! The fact that it has actually become one of the greatest perks of my job still amazes me. I could pinch myself just thinking about it. And on an even cooler note, the fact that boutiques like Blush believe in me enough to allow ME to come into their space and give me complete creative freedom to style as I please is pretty wondtacular. I cannot even describe what it feels like, especially considering how tough and over saturated the blogger market is. We (meaning fashion bloggers) basically come a dime a dozen.

Just a few days before heading down to Georgia, I received a lovely message from a sweet friend Kate Henry, who is the owner of Blush Albany, asking if I would like to come in and spend the day with them! Of course I said YES. Back when I first became a lover of boutiques, Blush was one of my GO TO spots. Great location, awesome pieces, and affordable price points. I’m almost positive that I still own every piece that I’ve ever purchased from Blush, and for me that’s saying a lot! I will purge something in a skinny minute if it doesn’t prove itself to have wardrobe longevity and durability. Just ask my husband!

Any who, here’s a little inside peek at my hangout date with Blush Boutique and some of the wonderful pieces I styled! Oh yes, so I don’t overload you with photos, this will be a two part blog post. I will upload the part two on Friday, May 2nd.


Blush Albany BoutiqueWhen I walked into Blush, I was immediately drawn to this drop waist dress. The color is just the perfect shade of blue as I have a tendency to run away from anything in the deep  blue family! I’m not sure why. It’s just a “Candace” thing. Any who, I was delighted to find that the dress had little pick ups in the waist area, which gives it some lovely character!

Blush Albany BoutiqueI then find found this crochet pull over and thought it would look stunning over the blue dress. A nice way to make this dress unique! And oh yes, since color monochroming is still in this Spring, I added the baby blue floral bib necklace to highlight the ensemble. 

Blush Albany BoutiqueBlush Albany BoutiqueBlush Albany BoutiqueI just love these shoes. For those of you who are wondering, they are Sam Edelman and can be found at most TJ Maxx and Marshall locations for about $40. You need these in your life. Trust me, you really do! 
Blush Albany Boutique With such loud shoes, I really wanted to create a look that would kinda neutralize the footwear. Nothing is worse than an entire outfit that SCREAMS busy, and you know exactly what I’m talking about. LOL. Any who, this oatmeal colored, aztec printed sweater shirt did the trick for me! The colors within the design are soft enough not to over power the shoe. And jeans shorts are classic! You can never go wrong with jean anything. Lastly, I added the scarf to give it more of a hipster feel. Again, I looked for something that would neutralize the ensemble. This grey and white striped scarf was the perfect addition. 

Blush Albany Boutique

Trista (the photographer) and I spotted this little fellow while shooting. Also, I’m not really sure how I feel about turtles. Still cannot believe I touched it! I don’t do reptiles. 

Blush Albany Boutique Blush Albany Boutique As you may know, I live for the bright things in life, so I was pretty excited to discover this lime green sheer top! Also, it was 3/4 quarter length which made me even happier. 

Blush Albany Boutique

 Another really groovy trend of the season is the striped, flippy skirt! For this particular skirt,  I really wanted to give it some life, because traditionally (with black and white skirts), women would pair this skirt with either a black, white, or red top because it’s SAFE, which I find boring. So I decided to liven it up with some lime green. Also, the lime green nicely highlights the exposed zipper, making it is a focal point of the ensemble. 

So, that’s a wrap for Part 1! Be sure to swing back by on Friday for more awesomness from Blush Bouituqe. In the meantime, I would suggest that you connect with Blush via social media! They post lots of incredible fashion goodness that you don’t need to miss!


**Wardrobe courtesy of Blush Albany Boutique. Pieces are available for purchase.  Please call 229.439.0332 for further inquires.  All pictured accessories are from Candace’s personal collection (with the exception of the baby blue floral bib necklace).**

Photography and Editing by Trista Porter of Reidesigns

Peace Love &Tulle!

Friday, March 28th, 2014

I’m pretty sure that you guys remember my #GTLT post “Sweet Somethings,” featuring the beautiful, nude, tulle skirt! Well, if you don’t, take a peek HERE! But for those of you who do remember, I am excited to share that Kristina, the owner of Peace Love & Tulle, has featured a few of my photos from that blog post on her website! Words cannot express how excited I was when I received an e-mail from her asking if it was ok for her to use them! Of course I said YES : ) So when you have a moment be sure to checkout her home page (HERE) and product page (HERE).

Oh yes, Kristina is running a special on her tulle puffs! BUY 2 GET 1 FREE. The special ends today. No code needed! So don’t tarry. Get your happy little booty on over to and order your self some puffs : ) Also, be sure to follow her on Instagram @peacelovetulle!

And lastly, Kim and I did another blog shoot in the tulle skirt last Friday! The photos are absolutely stunning. Here’s a sneak peek just for YOU : )

IMG_1813 IMG_1859

More pictures to come this Thursday! Stay tuned.
Photography and Editing by Kimberly J. Photography

A Girl’s Dream: My Vanity

Tuesday, March 4th, 2014

I’ve always dreamt of having a bathroom with lots of counter space so I could create a wicked awesome vanity! Welp, that dream came true when I moved to Parkersburg, WV. In Jason and my master bathroom we managed to get a ridiculous amount of counter space that has now been glamorized by your’s truly. Oh yes, I was generous enough to give Jason a tiny bit of space for his clippers and tooth brush, but the rest is…ALL MINE. haha. For those of you who know me personally, you know I’m bit of a freak when it comes to organization and storage. Everything has a home. After it has been used IT MUST return to that exact spot or I’ll have a mild anxiety attack (but HEY that’s how you preserve things…lol.). While that level of organization can be a little exhausting at times, I’m so thankful that I have such a great system. It makes life sooo much easier when I’m in a hurry for a meeting, packing for a trip and all that jazz. So due to popular demand, here’s an inside look at my vanity.

My Vanity


Yes, that is a 3 tier serving dish that I converted into an earring holder! Double win…functionality and beauty.

IMG_7532 IMG_7541

A simple acrylic soap dish I found while shopping at TJ Maxx. 

IMG_7531Thank you Grasie Mercedes for this wonderful bracelet holder idea! Candles. You know the cheap ones with pictures of Mary and Jesus? Who would have ever thought they are the perfect size for bracelets. 

IMG_7535 IMG_7526

IMG_7538Because every room needs a touch of personalization…or you could just say that I’m obsessed with monograms. I’m southern. I cannot help it. It’s an issue. 



Absolutely love this little station! The serving tray is from Target. I also got the gold mirrored bathroom coordinates from Target and I simply spray painted the mason jar that is now a makeup brush holder.


One for soap and the other for hand lotion. From Target. 

IMG_7546 IMG_7547Looking for a makeup storage solution? If so, Birchboxes! The size is perfect and they fit in most bathroom drawers. Also, what I love most about this storage concept is the fact that it’s portable. I can simply put the lid on these boxes and throw them in my duffle bag. It’s pretty amazing. 

IMG_7551 IMG_7553

Birchboxes are also wonderful for hair accessories and misc. beauty samples storage. 


And that’s my vanity! If you have any questions on any of the products you see or my storage ideas, please drop a comment below! Would love to help ya : )

Get The Storage Details: 

  • Juxtaposed Boutique 3 Tier Serving Tray- earrings
  • Arthur Court Coat Hooks – necklaces
  • TJ Maxx Acrylic Soap Dish – rings
  • Target Serving Tray – perfume and product station
  • Target Gold Mirrored Bathroom Coordinates
  • Bainbridge Pharmacy Metal “R”
  • Mason Jar – makeup brush holder
  • Birchboxes – makeup and hair accessories storage
  • Photography and Editing by Kimberly J. Photography

2014 SAG Awards…The Best of the Red Carpet!

Monday, January 20th, 2014

Well, another award show has taken place, the SAG Awards! Just incase anyone is curious what SAG stands for, it means Screen Actors Guild! I didn’t know for the longest…so it’s ok if you didn’t! Any who, the SAG Awards took place Saturday and without the slightest bit of hesitation, I can say that….I was thoroughly DISAPPOINTED with the fashion! Lots of fashion mishaps. So many that I don’t think I even need to mention them. I know…that sounds harsh, but I thought it would better to focus on the GOOD! So in my opinion, here’s the Best of the Red Carpet at the 2014 SAG Awards!

2014 SAG Awards Fashion

Amy Adams

Amy Adams- Antonio Berardi      Source: Getty/Kevin Mazur

I just adore Amy Adams in this royal blue Antonio Berardi gown. I particularly love the neckline and the slashed cap sleeve. These two combined elements add a very unique aesethic to the dress. Oh, and I love the belt!

 Hannah SimoneHannah-Simone-Marchesa     Source: Getty/Steve Granitz

Ok, so this is probably my MOST FAVORITE dress of the night! Marchesa knows how to make a killer red carpet gown!  But I must say…Hannah Simone (from New Girl) is just sooo stinking gorgeous. She could wear a pillow case and still look amazing!

Isla FisherIsla Fisher- Oscar de la RentaSource: Getty/Ethan Miller

Isla Fisher decided to do a little “Old Hollywood Glam” in a beautiful silvery champagne dress by Oscar de la Renta. Very simple and absolutely stunning…the perfect look for any red carpet event!

Jennifer GarnerJennifer Garner- Max MaraSource: Getty/Ethan Miller

Yet another simple dress that looks absolutely stunning! Jennifer is wearing a midnight blue dress by Max Mara with a patent leather belt at the waist. Strapless sooo works for Jennifer! She has great shoulders and biceps and the strapless neckline highlights both.

Malin Akerman

Malin Akerman

Source: Getty/Dimitrois Kambouris

A very different dress, but I love it! I’m a sucker for mixing black, brown and other neutrals together! Also, I’m convinced that only Malin could pull of this dress…it just fits her personality.

Michelle Dockery

Michelle Dockery-J. Mendel

Source: Getty/Steve Granitz

This beauty was created by J. Mendel. Not fond of how it looks on Michelle, but I do love the dress!

Sofie Vergara
Sofia Vergara- Donna Karan

And last, but not least…Sofia in a beautiful strapless gown by Donna Karen. Her skin against this gunmetal colored, liquid beading gown is just wonderful. Her hair looks amazing and I love the matching statement necklace! Sofia is another one of those actresses who could wear a pillow case and still look amazing!

Source: Getty/Steve Granitz

And that’s my round up! Stay tuned for more red carpet awesomeness.

SJP and Her New Shoe Collection!

Friday, January 17th, 2014

I’m a HUGE Sarah Jessica Parker fan! What’s not to love about her? She loves fashion and the New York City Ballet…just like me! ha. Well, she has finally shared details about her new shoe line in conjunction with Manolo Blahnik. The shoes will hit the floors at Nordstrom sometime soon for about $200-$500 a pop! And that’s relatively affordable for great quality shoes…so I’ll definitely be saving up my pennies to snag a pair! Here’s a little lookize at what SJP has created:

Video Credit: The Coveteur

Warby Parker Introduces The Palm Canyon Collection!

Wednesday, January 15th, 2014

So, I don’t know about you, but I absolutely love retailers that go the extra mile to cultivate both a convenient and memorable experience for their customers. As someone who thoroughly enjoys shopping, I really appreciate the places that make me feel comfortable and valued. And I am proud to say Warby Parker is one of those unique places!  While living in New York and exploring the Highline one Saturday after brunch, I remember stumbling across this beautifully decorated store. Attracted by the creative name, I walked in to discover that it was an eyewear boutique. Absolute WANDERLUST.

Well, today they released their newest collection…Palm Canyon. The Palm Canyon Collection is…stunningly chic, refreshing and bold! Perfect for Spring. Here’s a little excerpt from Warby Parker’s media release about the collection…I think it best describes the concept and inspiration behind this spectacular collection.

With the Palm Canyon Collection, we’ve refreshed some of our best-loved frames – Winston, Duckworth, Preston, and Wheeler – in a Palm Springs palette of mesquite, acacia, ironwood, and sand. Each frame features a hand-mixed acetate inset at the end piece, with patterns inspired by Color Field painters and midcentury minimalist.

Designing and constructing the patterns required a technique that took over a year to perfect, and each pair is distinguished with a unique contrast detail created by melding sheets of woodwork-inspired acetate & tortoise acetate together. No two pairs are alike.” 

140114_WPTA-Shot3_137 140114_WPTA-Shot4_167 140114_WPTA-Shot5_057

Pretty awesome, huh? The frames are now available for $145 online at and at Warby Parker stores (See WP Locations HERE).

In the near future I will be doing a little styling with some frames from Warby Parker for Get The Look Thursdays. Compliments of their wonderful Home Try-On program! I cannot wait to share the pictures with you! But in the meantime skip on over to and shop around. You won’t regret it : )