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Marcelle Cosmetics Makeup Review

Friday, October 31st, 2014

The last couple of weeks have been insanely busy! In fact, they have been so busy that I haven’t had a chance to share a couple of posts with you. One of these being a review of Marcelle Cosmetics! As many of you know, I am obsessed with Birchbox. What I love most about the company is their genuine desire to enrich your beauty life by providing you with access to some of the best products out there! I mean it’s kinda awesome. For the last two years, I’ve been a Birchblogger, which provides you with even more Birchbox awesomeness! Back in late August, I received 4 products from Marcelle Cosmetics (courtesy of Birchbox) and for the last  12 weeks, I’ve been consistently incorporating them into my daily makeup routine. I’m sure you have already figured it out, but if you haven’t, Marcelle Cosmetics is most definitely one of my new favorites. Here’s a little look at how I use their products!

The four products I received: BB Cream Gold Glow, Xtenison Plus Mascara, Lux Gloss Cream and Monochromatic Bronzer. I’ve posted all of the links to these products down below for those of you who are interested.


 So, here’s my bare face! That way you get a sense of the progression from beginning to end. Oh yes, I apologize that my eyes are being a little red. That is a direct byproduct of not sleeping/stressing, which appears to be the story of life right now. 

Marcelle 3

 For starters, I applied the BB Golden Glow just like I would apply any other foundation/BB Cream, with a clean foundation brush. While this particular product works for all skin types, I mixed in a little bit of my Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer for coloring. The Marcelle BB Golden Glow just appeared a little too light on my skin. I literally just mixed together one squirt of the Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer and the BB Cream Golden Glow, to adjust the coloring for my skin. 


The final product of the BB Cream and Tinted Moisturizer mixed together. I’ve used the Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer for months and I’ve NEVER had a glow quite like this before combining the two. It’s so natural and light. For those of you who are hesitant about trying a BB Cream or Tinted Mositurizer, I would encourage you to at least give it a shot. Keep in mind that there will be less coverage than a heavy foundation, but who needs to wear heavy foundation everyday? No one! I find it incredibly freeing to use products that still provide me with coverage, but don’t require nearly as much time to apply. 

Marcelle 2

Even with a natural look I still like to highlight and contour just a little bit. For this effect, I use NARS Creamy Concealer for highlighting and Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Matte Bronzer.  To set everything, I use MAC Mineralize Skin Finish. 


Sadly, I inherited my momma’s nonexistent, baby eyelashes. The amount of mascara that I use for these puppies is insane. Depending on my schedule demands, I can easily go through a tube of mascara in 6 weeks. And I don’t believe that is normal…lol. Because of my barely there eyelashes, I am always excited to try new mascaras! Well, the Marcelle Xtenison Mascara did not disappoint. 


Pretty awesome, huh? I just applied two coats when I would have typically applied 4 coats with 2 mascaras. 


For finishing touches, I added the Monochromatic Bronzer to the apples of my cheeks and the Lux Cream Gloss to my lips. 


ALL IMAGES  Kimberly J Photography

And here’s the complete Before (left) and After (right). Without hesitation, I most definitely recommend that you try Marcelle Cosmetics.  To learn a little bit more about Marcelle Cosmetics, visit Also, if you have yet to subscribe to Bircbhox, then you need to skip on over to their SITE right now and make that happen. You won’t be disappointed!

Get The Look Details:

This post is kindly brought to you by Birchbox and Marcelle Cosmetics. All thoughts and opinions remain my own. 

#NYFW S/S 15 Street Style

Wednesday, September 10th, 2014

Let me take a moment and be completely honest about #NYFW…only a very, very TINY fraction of people attend because they are actually interested in the new collections. However, the vast majority of those who attend are going in order to be seen! I’ve been twice and it’s really just a BIG, 10 day, fashion forward, people watching party! So, with that being said, I believe it’s safe to share that it’s the street style that makes #NYFW so wondtacular! In typical Candace fashion, I’ve been stalking everyone on social media and here’s a look at a few of my favorite street style looks from this season’s event.

#NYFW Street Style

As you can see, I’m really loving the crisp whites, blues and reds. Who have you been following this week? What are some of your favorite looks? Let me know as I would love to check them out. On Friday I’ll be sharing my favorites from the runway! Stay tuned.

Images Collected via Instagram 

Styling Miss West Virginia USA 2014

Tuesday, September 9th, 2014

Back in July my friend Jorge asked if I would be interested in styling Charisse Haislop, Miss West Virginia USA 2014, for the I’M LIVING fall campaign. Of course I said YES! Give me pageantry and fashion and I’m sooooo there! haha.

For this particular campaign we really wanted to focus on the “lifestyle” aspect of the brand and how each individual embodies the concept of I’M LIVING differently. With Charisse being a young professional and a reigning titleholder, I styled her with practicality in mind. Often times she’s running from one place to next, and the easiest way for her to change up her look is to layer and accessorize (i.e. scarves, sunglasses, shoes, etc). So, here’s a look at my concept on practical styling for the young professional who’s busy, yet effortlessly chic, and doesn’t mind rocking a graphic tee (some people are weird about t-shirts; in fact I used to be one of those people until last year.)!


tyling Miss West Virginia USA 2014 | Live Love & Read | Style Blog| Personal Stylist Styling Miss West Virginia USA 2014 | Live Love & Read | Style Blog| Personal Stylist tyling Miss West Virginia USA 2014 | Live Love & Read | Style Blog| Personal Stylist

LOOK 2: SPRING IN FALLtyling Miss West Virginia USA 2014 | Live Love & Read | Style Blog| Personal Stylist tyling Miss West Virginia USA 2014 | Live Love & Read | Style Blog| Personal Stylist tyling Miss West Virginia USA 2014 | Live Love & Read | Style Blog| Personal Stylist


tyling Miss West Virginia USA 2014 | Live Love & Read | Style Blog| Personal Stylist tyling Miss West Virginia USA 2014 | Live Love & Read | Style Blog| Personal Stylist Styling Miss West Virginia USA 2014 | Live Love & Read | Style Blog| Personal Stylist tyling Miss West Virginia USA 2014 | Live Love & Read | Style Blog| Personal Stylist tyling Miss West Virginia USA 2014 | Live Love & Read | Style Blog| Personal Stylist tyling Miss West Virginia USA 2014 | Live Love & Read | Style Blog| Personal Stylist

Overall it was an amazing day of styling, and I could not be more pleased with the final results! Which look is your favorite? Drop a comment below letting me know! Also, if you are interested in learning more about the I’M LIVING Project, please click HERE. And lastly, be sure to connect with Charisse via Instagram and Twitter as she completes her year of service as Miss West Virginia USA!

ALL IMAGES © 2014 Kimberly J Photography

Heirloom Finds Collaboration: Candace’s Top Picks #1

Tuesday, August 26th, 2014

Heirloom Finds: Candace Top Picks #1
1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7

This summer has been a summer of awesomeness for Live, Love and Read!  So many amazing things in the works and one of those things includes a collaboration with Heirloom Finds, an online jewelry boutique.  When I received the e-mail from this wonderful company, I nearly fainted as I am obsessed with all things jewelry, because jewelry is the one thing that “COMPLETES” a look.  Any who, I was invited to the Heirloom Finds HQ to select some goodies and here is what I selected!  So, over the course of the next couple weeks I’ll be incorporating these wonderful pieces into my daily wardrobe, as well as featuring them here on the blog starting this Thursday!  Also on Thursday, I’ll be sharing how you can win a $25 e-gift card from Heirloom Finds!  Sooo be sure to stay tuned.  In the meantime, why don’t you skip on over to and start shopping! Trust me, you won’t regret it.

This post is kindly brought to you by Heirloom Finds of Vienna, WV. 

Miss America Wardrobe Ideas

Friday, August 22nd, 2014

Miss America Wardrobe Ideas
Miss America is right around the corner. 24 days to be exact and I couldn’t be more excited! For the last couple weeks I’ve been doing lots personal styling for clients who are competing and/or attending, which has left me with very little time to think about myself (or Jason for that matter)! So, yesterday evening I took some time to do a little preliminary wardrobe brainstorming and this is what I came up with. Oh yes, I should mention… the dress and the blazer are the common dominator for each option! So I’m just deciding on which earring, shoe and lip color I should pair with those two items. What are your thoughts…Option 1 or Option 2?

Styling Miss Georgia!

Friday, June 27th, 2014

For those of you who don’t know, I competed in the Miss America system for 3 years.
Although I never won the title of Miss Georgia, I had a wonderful experience that has Miss Georgia 2014 Maggie Bridgesprovided me with countless job opportunities and life long friends. And speaking of life
long friends, I am sooooooooo thrilled to share that one of my dearest friends (aka my little sister and hometown friend) was crowned Miss GA this past Saturday! I am so excited for her that you would think that I won the pageant. haha. Being the awesome person that she is, Maggie allowed me to style a couple of looks for her, and of course I want to share them with you! So without further adieu, I present to you… Miss  Georgia 2014 , MAGGIE BRIDGES.


Thursday Night Visitation Look Styling Miss Georgia Styling Miss Georgia Styling Miss Georgia

Styling Miss Georgia

Farewell Luncheon Look

Styling Miss Georgia Styling Miss Georgia Styling Miss Georgia

Styling Miss Georgia

Isn’t she the cutest? If you are interested in following Maggie’s journey to Miss America, please take a moment and connect with her via social media:

Facebook| Instagram| Twitter

Also, be sure to tune into ABC on Sunday, September 14th to see Maggie vie for the title of Miss America along with 50 other contestants! It’s going to be wondtacular : )


Get The Look Details: 

Thursday Night Visitation

Farewell Luncheon

My Day With Blush Albany! (Part 2)

Friday, May 2nd, 2014

And as promised, here’s Part 2 of my day with Blush Boutique!  P.S. Click HERE for Part 1 just in case you missed all of the juicy details from Wednesday.

My Day With Blush Boutique (Part 2) I pray that statement necklaces NEVER go out of style. I love how you can dress up the most basic top by simply adding a necklace! 

My Day With Blush Boutique (Part 2) Just in case you didn’t know, heavily patterned pants are HUGE these days. All of the cool kids are wearing them!

My Day With Blush Boutique (Part 2) Mini skirts are another one of those things that I tend to steer clear of, because I have the world’s longest legs and highest bubble butt. They always end up looking too tight and too short, and Lord knows I do not want to be the cupcake in the room! Any who, when my eyes found this cute skirt, I had that feeling of “I MUST WEAR YOU!” Luckily I was able to find this wonderful tunic-esque sheer top that gave me the length and butt cover I needed to wear this skirt. 

My Day With Blush Boutique (Part 2) My Day With Blush Boutique (Part 2) Don’t you just love the print on this skirt? It’s just stunning! 

My Day With Blush Boutique (Part 2)

Bright fushcia, pleats, strapless maxi dress…need I say more? LOVES!My Day With Blush Boutique (Part 2) My Day With Blush Boutique (Part 2) A perfect little dress for spring. The color, the shape, and the crochet embellishments scream HAPPY SPRING. To dress it up a bit, I decided to pair it with these large gold and black onyx earrings. My Day With Blush Boutique (Part 2) My Day With Blush Boutique (Part 2) Just putting a few things together! My Day With Blush Boutique (Part 2) I fell in love with the fuschia maxi dress by Ya and just had to have it! I’ll be wearing it for my 25th birthday dinner/party in June. It’s the most perfect dress for the occasion! 

IMG_7965My Day With Blush Boutique (Part 2)

And that’s a wrap my sweet friends! Blush Boutique is a wonderful little piece of retail heaven that you should most definitely check out! For those of you don’t live in Georgia, not to worry as you can purchase clothing via or their Facebook page (See Instructions HERE). Also, be sure to take a quick moment and connect with Blush Boutique via social media. Trust me, you won’t regret it : )


**Wardrobe courtesy of Blush Albany Boutique. Pieces are available for purchase.  Please call 229.439.0332 for further inquires.  All pictured footwear is from Candace’s personal collection (please not that the last 5 pictures features clothing and accessories that are also from Candace’s personal wardrobe) .**

Photography and Editing by Trista Porter of Reidesigns