Breakfast at Kitties

Friday, April 21st, 2017


Breakfast at Kitties? Why yes, please!

There are many moments when I like to channel my inner Audrey Hepburn. And I think the reasons why are pretty obvious…she’s the epitome of classic chic and y’all know I love classic. When I find myself wanting to stylistically be “Audrey” for the day, I like to approach things classically, all while making sure there is a “small” dose of edge that gives it my touch. For this particular look, for weeks, I had already known that I wanted to pair this off-the shoulder poplin top with these cropped skinny jeans by J. Brand and my favorite penny loafers. There’s no doubt I was feeling super confident about this variety of pieces together, but something was missing and I could not quite figure it out. Rather than rushing the look, I tabled the concept for awhile until I had my “that’s it” moment. Of course, Audrey would top this look off with an adorable neck tie, oversized sunnies, a trench coat and a high pony. Gah, I love her. Rather than going for the predictable necktie choice, I opted for this deep burgundy, which gives this look just the proper amount of edge in my opinion.

For final touches, I layered on this cheap and cheerful top handle crossbody bag that I snagged from Meijer and these cubed studs from Noonday Collection. Oh, and while I would love to say that Linus, The Golden Retriever, was an intentional accessory for this shoot, he wasn’t. While hanging at Kittie’s, we ran into him and I had a hardcore fan girl moment…yes…over a pup. In typical fan girl nature, I asked for a photo and his owners obliged. I must admit, I really felt like Audrey in this moment, as you know, she was a huge pup lover!

Now that I talked about Audrey Hepburn, I’m thinking that I need to watch an old classic tonight. Maybe Roman Holiday? Sabrina? Sooo many choices. Call me old fashion, but I wish they still made classics such as these.

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