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Aujourd’hui. Ahh, how I long to speak French. Aujourd’hui means TODAY. Honestly, I should have taken French rather than Spanish, but I barely made it out of that class with a B. Word on the street is that French is about a million times harder. I don’t doubt it. If I had known that I would have ended up in a Fashion focused career, I definitely would have chosen French. Maybe I’ll get Rosetta Stone. LOL.

Any who, there’s just something about this dress that screams French to me, hence the namesake of today’s blog and my random French question on last night’s Instagram post. Super long story short, I ordered this dress back in December for a wedding. However, due to the ever reliable USPS, it did not make it on time. Rather than returning it, I decided to keep it, as I knew it would be a piece to freshen up my LBD collection. Again, I am a firm believer that one can NEVER own too many black dresses. What drew me to this pretty was it’s uniqueness. Exposed zipper, a touch of skin, mock neck collar and slightly fitted. Ok, maybe not slightly fitted. LOL. Also, when I tried it on, Jason said it was a keeper! My husband isn’t overly vocal about my style, but when he says he likes something, I know he really likes it (or hates it when he says he hates it, in some cases).

I feel rather confident that this piece will be on repeat a good bit over the next coming months! I’m currently thinking of different ways I can give it variety! For this particular look, I did the classic jacket over the shoulder combo with this suede beauty I purchased with my Christmas moo la. Y’all. The best $200 I’ve ever spent. I seriously love it. This dress was already FABULOUS, but this moto jacket took it to another level of cool! This look is the perfect visual of my style, classically edgy. Ahh. Love it.

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