November 15, 2012

The Guide to a Successful FNO Experience!

Thursday, November 15th, 2012

For as long as I can remember I have always dreamed of attending the “famous” Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week(MBNYFW)! Well in case you didn’t know…it takes some rather HARD WORK to get a seat at any designers fashion show. So being the “Candace” that I am, I researched some other fun fashion week events that didn’t come with such an exclusive guest list..which explains my FNO experience!

Fashion Night Out (primarily known as FNO to all New Yorkers and Fashionistas) serves as the kick off event for the MBNYFW Spring Collections.  Retailers all over the country create the ultimate shopping experience for their shoppers.  And yes, that includes everything you could dream of…extended hours, cocktails, celebs, live Dj’s and of course an incredible sale! Needless to say I was in RETAIL HEAVEN. Though I had the time of my “fashion” life, I did learn a couple of key things in regards to FNO.  So here’s my run down of things that every guy or gal should consider prior to attending Fashion Night Out in New York City…I would like to call it “The Guide to a Successful FNO Experience!”

Here’s the list:

1. The Planner: FNO can be a tad overwhelming…ok, it can be AMAZINGLY overwhelming.  So take the time and check out the official website of Fashion Night Out and decide which stores you would like to visit.  After creating your list then take a little time and place them in order from greatest to least importance. Once you have completed that consider mapping out your travel from location to location.  Believe me this will help you remain stress free and enjoy the evening!

2. Less Is More: As you can already imagine, the fashion for FNO is both spectacular and dreadful.  In the words of Style and Beauty Expert, Emily Loftiss “NFO in NYC is the night when all the fashionista-wannabes come out.” And I couldn’t agree more! I mean a fur vest is just too much for the first week of September…even in the city.  Since you will be amongst many people, I would suggest that you wear something a little more form fitting (NOT TIGHT..complete difference). Wearing clothing that isn’t “SO BIG” will allow you to move more freely between people because it will be crowded!  Also, I would suggest that you carry a clutch rather than an oversized handbag like I did.  It just gets in the way! Plus you don’t want anyone to get anything on that precious beauty so just leave it home.

3. Charge and Ready to Go: Oh the World of Social Media…I cannot imagine life without it. Ok, that’s a little to dramatic, but you catch my drift. Prior to going out for the evening make you are charged and ready to go.  Between all the texting, instagram photos, and HopStop checks your battery will be drained in a jiffy. Avoid lots of use prior to heading out and even let the charge exceed 100% by just allowing it to sit on the me it works (Jason shared that tip with me…thanks love!).  But to be super safe feel free to take your charger or power mate plus just in case!

4. Food = Essential: In order to stay peppy throughout the entire evening make sure you eat prior to leaving the apartment.  Though most of the shops will be serving finger foods and such, the lines will be insanely long. And nothing is worse than being a fatigued and hungry shopper.  If you plan on grabbing a late night bite once you have completed your shopping consider making a reservation or simply finding a restaurant on one of the side streets! But be sure to check the menu display outside because you don’t want to spend a fortune.

5. It’s All About the Benjamins Baby: Save your moo la leading up to the big event! You want to be able to enjoy the evening and make a few carefree purchases! Most stores will be hosting some incredible sales that you will not be able to resist.  And if you want to really save some money checkout the websites to the shops your going to and see if they have any additional coupons. If so, simply print those bad boys out and throw them in your clutch (or back pocket if you are a guy) for some extra savings!

Here are a couple of pictures for your viewing pleasure:

Style & Beauty Expert, Emily Loftiss of Loftiss Says

Shopping Buddies for Fashion Night Out!

A Little Headband Action at Henri Bendel! Who Doesn’t Love Feathers?!

 Monogrammed Jeans from C.Wonder…I think YES : )

Wardrobe for the Evening! Casual Chic.

And there you have it… 5 easy things to remember for  a successful FNO experience! What are some of your shopping “best practices”? Please share below. I would love to know!

P.S. Fashion Week for Fall/Winter 2013 Collections is rapidly approaching…eeeekkk! Can’t wait for February.